Segway of Oakland Now Offers Reduced Rental Costs for Police and Security

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With Segway of Oakland's 2-for-1 police rental sale, you can rent a Segway for half price! This is a limited time offer that is currently valid through October 31 2012 on a first come first served basis.

The Segway PT is one of the greatest law enforcement tools ever invented. And now with Segway of Oakland's,, 2-for-1 police rental sale, departments can rent a Segway for half price!

Renting is better than buying for a lot of police departments and security companies. The Segway is especially helpful for crowded events or other areas where there is a concentration of people. The Segway is the ultimate patrol vehicle in a crowd because of its incredible maneuverability. Since the Segway can cover 25 times the ground in a day versus a person walking, it is easy to see why the Segway is so productive for so many applications.

The Segway works everywhere from schools, in parks, or in crowded city centers. It makes the officer, more approachable while at the same time giving more opportunity to cover more ground. The Segway can even be a winner at ballparks, convention centers, or just about anywhere that has a concentration of pedestrians.

Almost everybody has seen the Segways in malls or other public venues, or they have seen the movie "Mall Cop" where Paul Blart is the hero and rides the Segway. Laughs aside, the Segway really excels in both malls and airports where there are long hallways and walkways to patrol. The Segway covers that ground so much faster than walking that it's ridiculous. And a quad or a cushman just does not have the same kind of versatility and maneuverability in tight spaces. A Segway moves just as easily indoors as out, making it a better way to go than anything else out there.

Segways have one flaw and that is they are still expensive. But with Segway of Oakland's new rental program, police departments and security professionals can rent them anywhere in Nor Cal for half the normal price and give it a try without breaking the bank. Segway of Oakland is the only Segway dealer that has this kind of program.

Further, for those that do decide to buy, Segway of Oakland has more service options and more sales options as well. Nobody has been fixing Segways as long as the mechanics at Segway of Oakland, and almost everybody that has had major service done knows about the special care that Segway or Oakland treats it's customers and their units.

"We are one of the oldest Segway dealers and we have a lot of experience" said Darren Romar from Segway of Oakland. "We've been dealing with the Segway longer so customers can be assured of having a better experience when they do business with us", he continued.

"The Segway operates like no other vehicle so training and a staff are needed to make the Segway experience start out on the right foot”, said Romar. It is easy to have an adverse experience with a Segway because this vehicle takes some training and because it's operation is different from any other mode of transport, some people do not get started the right way. That's why Segway of Oakland is also offering, for a limited time only, free training with any rentals. Now the value that police departments and security professionals can obtain with this package surpasses everything else. Don't miss this opportunity to really give the Segway a try and see what it can do.

This device is so maneuverable anybody can do more with a Segway, given the right circumstances. And with our trained staff, you get riding quickly and easily rather than going through a protracted presentation that does not really even show you how to ride. Nobody else even comes close when it comes to making it easy quick, and non-stressful to get up on a totally new device that operates like nothing else.

This is a vehicle that does what other vehicles can't do. It can be an great alternative to walking, biking, or riding a horse. The reality is that it is much different than any of those things. So, it is appropriately used in a different way. The Segway makes the officer mobile, approachable, and it really adds some fun to the job, and that's also a part of it. It's different, it does different things, and it does a lot of things a lot better than anything else.

Call Segway of Oakland right now at 1-800-659-8731 to talk about the Segway and what it can do. Segway of Oakland's normal police rental rates are $99 a day, $199 for 3 days, $329 a week, $529 for 2 weeks or $729 a month. However, for a limited time, rentals are half the price. Two for the price of one! Since a Segway has almost no upkeep cost other than the unit itself, the operation costs are very minimum. There are no additional operating costs and the energy cost to charge the battery is so low it's quite negligible. This is a limited time offer that is currently valid through October 31 2012 on a first come first served basis. Give it a try today!

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