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Introducing intimus® 20000 Degausser - When electronic data storage devices need to be sanitised beyond recovery, degaussing is often the best choice to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive data.

Old or obsolete HDD may contain sensitive data (copyright: Marek CECH, iStockphoto)

Martin Yale is introducing a new powerful intimus® degausser that can securely erase data from any magnetic storage media, with unique features and rigorous engineering for optimal security, employee safety, ease of operations, and energy efficiency.

“Organisations that demand highly secure data sanitisation of magnetic storage media can rely on the expertise of intimus® to deliver a state-of-the-art degausser,” said Mr. Jochen Stroehm, Martin Yale product manager. “The new intimus® 20000 degausser provides lower energy consumption and a stronger erasure field than comparable models, enabling users to experience the ideal balance of effectiveness and efficiency.

Key features of the intimus® 20000 degausser include:

  • High strength magnetic field: The intimus® 20000 degausser is named for the strength of its magnetic field of 20,000 Gauss, and is approved by the NSA for some of the highest levels of security classifications. The field strength of the intimus 20000 destroys the magnetic structure of storage media and ensures that none of the recorded data can be recovered by digital methods or laboratory attacks.
  • Advanced Pulse Technology: Like other intimus® degaussers, the intimus 20000 relies on proprietary Advanced Pulse Technology, which generates a powerful pulse of magnetic field to disrupt and completely erase any data written on the magnetic storage media. This quick pulse of energy leads to lower energy consumption – up to 90% less energy than comparable models.
  • Reliable verification of erasure:

The intimus® 20000 degausser offers clear, reliable confirmation that the data has been successfully erased. The device comes with built-in safeguards to check that there is an ample amount of power stored up prior to each erasure, and the user can monitor the status of the degausser by way of a display and lighted push buttons. These features give users the confidence and security of knowing that each degaussing session has successfully erased the data.

“The intimus® 20000 degausser delivers highly efficient and effective technology to sanitise any magnetic storage media, even for broken or obsolete equipment,” said Mr. Jochen Stroehm. “As with all intimus® products, this degausser is designed to meet the highest expectations of reliable performance, exacting security standards and efficient operations. If your organisation’s security depends on high-performance data sanitisation solutions, then you can depend on the intimus® 20000 to effectively erase your magnetic data storage media.”

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