LeAnn Rimes Caught Using Wounded Animal Complex on Eddie Claims CE&H

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According to Center for Education and Healing (CE&H), pop-singer LeAnn Rimes may be using addictive marketing method, “wounded animal complex” to get Eddie’s sympathy when she entered rehab.

“Wounded animal complex, a fascinating survival mechanism, not only describes wild animals; humans suffer from (and in some bizarre masochistic cases, enjoy) this complex as well. It invokes the most powerful motivator of all: Sympathy.”

Ridgewood, NJ Pop-singer LeAnn Rimes caught using addictive marketing method, wounded animal complex in her recent entry into rehab claims addiction expert, Teri Pickens.

“Her decision to enter rehab plays on Eddie’s and the public's emotions by using “wounded animal syndrome”, explains Pickens, founder of Center for Education and Healing, in Ridgewood, NJ and a specialist in addiction symptoms. She adds, “Wounded animal syndrome describes when an animal is injured and becomes overly defensive, aggressive, and desperate; a fascinating survival mechanism which not only describes wild animals; humans suffer from (and in some bizarre masochistic cases, enjoy) this complex as well and invokes the most powerful motivator of all: Sympathy.”

Rimes revealed why she entered rehab to Huffington Post Celebrity August 30. A friend of Rimes told Us Weekly, “She’s been stressed about always being called a home-wrecker and also worried that Eddie is cheating on her; she’s been on a downward spiral.”

“Unless her methods backfire, considering Karma and all, Eddie will want to comfort her, she will sell more records and her public image will be cleaned up,” says Pickens, who is giving a Workshop on September 29th to alert people to the dangers of addictive behaviors in personal life and in selling. See: http://www.centerforeducationandhealing.com/beginnerworkshop

Pickens says Rimes media report began as anxiety and stress related but then quickly became a soap opera which could easily have been titled, “How to make Him Addicted to You,” using wounded animal complex. The story almost dares you not to feel sorry for Rimes, she adds.

“Fans began to empathize with Rimes because they are addicted to soap-operas,” explains Pickens. “They are caught up in the addict’s triangle of obsession; uncertain who to support, Rimes, Eddie or his ex-wife; but Rimes public appeal makes you want to run and protect her. This is truly wounded animal complex, part of any addiction.”

Addiction, which is any obsessive compulsive behavior, has been used to describe drug and alcohol dependency by the American Psychiatric Association until they added a new category, “behavioral addictions” in 2010. But using the term “addiction” in selling is new.

“Anything that can create obsessive/compulsive attraction in your mind, as seen in dating ads, will be tried by advertisers,” says Pickens, who teaches overcoming addictions through Christ by nurturing self-love, and high self-esteem.

“when is it devious manipulation and when is it spiritual persuasion is the real question,” asks Pickens, a pastor and certified spiritual life coach as well as author of such books as “The 12 Keys to Saving your Marriage Through Christ.”

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