"Surgery: Evidence-Based Practice", the Only Current Evidence-Based Surgical Textbook in the Market, is Now Available from PMPH-USA Ltd

Beth Israel Medical Center’s Dr. Steven Brower and University of Texas’ Dr. Stephen Cohn are Co-Authors and are Nationally Recognized Physicians

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New York, NY (PRWEB) September 10, 2012

"Surgery: Evidence-Based Practice" (PMPH-USA Ltd., August 2012) by Steven T. Brower, MD, FACS and Stephen M. Cohn, MD, FACS provides surgical reviews based on existing data to delineate credible answers to age-old surgical management questions. The issues presented utilize the judgment of experienced surgeons informed by the existing evidence to assess the safety and efficacy of new and existing treatments.

“With chapters that are brief, focused presentations of a specific topic of surgical interest, it should be of great use to surgeons and residents alike,” comments Dr. Cohn.

Each chapter is organized around the key questions essential to delineating the current status of evidence related to the subject reviewed. Throughout Surgery: Evidence-Based Practice, careful assessment of the validity of intervention studies and the strength of the evidence that they provide underlies the choices of cited publications. Many chapters are also augmented with commentaries from prominent surgeons from around the country.

“During surgical walk rounds and didactic sessions, reference to Surgery: Evidence-Based Practice should provide teachers and learners with confidence that they are citing the most up to date evidence-based data,” comments Dr. Brower.

The information presented in this volume guides the scientific surgeon in providing state-of-the-art care and in optimizing the use of medical resources without losing sight of the need to address the unique needs of individual patients.

About the Authors

  • Steven T. Brower, MD, FACS (New York, NY) is Vice Chairman, Department of Surgery; Chief, Division of Surgical Oncology, Beth Israel Medical Center, and Director of Strategic Planning and Extramural Affairs, Continuum Cancer Centers of New York
  • Stephen M. Cohn, MD, FACS (San Antonio, TX) is Witten B. Russ Professor of Surgery, Department of Surgery, University of Texas Health Science Center.


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SURGERY:  Evidence-Based Practice SURGERY: Evidence-Based Practice

By Dr. Steven Brower & Dr. Stephen Cohn

SURGERY:  Evidence-Based Practice SURGERY: Evidence-Based Practice

By Dr. Steven Brower & Dr. Stephen Cohn