New "50 Shades" Book is the Best Erotica Deal on Kindle

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Newest and best deal on Kindle: Erotica book filled with volumes of "50 Shades" that rivals E.L. James.

50 Shades of Lexi Maxxwell

Lexi Maxxwell is hard at work on her first full book, being finished right now for a fall release.

Lexi Maxxwell, a reader pleasing erotica writer with a catalogue of more than 50 erotica titles to date is releasing a new collection, “50 Shades of Lexi Maxxwell,” which bundles several sets of “Lexi Maxxwell” stories into one of the best erotica deals available for Kindle.

The book, 50 Shades of Grey, by author E.L. James, has become a phenomenon. Maxxwell has attached the “50 Shades” prefix to her newest release to help answer the question erotica readers are asking themselves right now: What to read after 50 Shades?

“Every erotica writer in the world should be blowing kisses to Ms. James when they blow their candles out each night,” Ms. Maxxwell said. “We owe her a HUGE debt. E-readers gave the world’s shyer lades a nice brown bag, James filled those brown bags with Bacardi!”

Maxxwell is the pen name of a successful copywriter, comfortable writing large volumes of copy, who wanted to experiment with fiction between assignments. The relative ease of Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform made publishing her books as easy as “upload.”

Already a skilled copywriter, Maxxwell knows how to effectively drive readers down the page, then keep them turning, even while blushing. Each of her weekly releases is professionally edited with a sharp, ready to publish cover, that’s as professional as her edit and writing.

Lexi fans are in love. So far her books have generated over 150 reviews, with an average of 4.9. She calls her books, “Smut for Smart People,” and uses raw and unapologetic language to drive both the action and narrative of her stories.

“I feel really, really lucky,” she said. “The job of a copywriter is to make people feel something. Lexi gives me an outlet to write in the places where I like to feel most. My readers love it when I make them feel it there, too. Readers tell me they love how I start with their head before going lower. Years of copywriting help me hit human emotion and keep my readers glued. And I love being able to write using all the naughty words I can’t always say out loud!”

Lexi releases a new book each Friday, with titles ranging anywhere from single short stories, to serialized releases like her XXX Files (the first in the series is offered as free erotica), short collections of multiple stories, or bundles like “50 Shades.”

“50 Shades of Lexi Maxxwell” gathers 50 previously published stories, across multiple titles, then releases them together in a single volume.

“It’s a great deal for the reader,” Maxxwell said. “50 5-star stories, .20 cents each. That’s a heap of pleasure to lay in bed with, for hardly any price. I’m grateful to Ms. James for opening the door so wide for erotica writers like me. The term “50 Shades” is now shorthand for erotica, and without that ‘Xerox to copy’ shortcut, I would never have thought to bundle so many of my stories together. But I’m thrilled I did.”

Lexi Maxxwell is hard at work on her first full book, being finished right now for a fall release. So far, details have been scarce.

“I’ll be ready to make an announcement soon,” Maxxwell said. “I don’t wont to jinx anything before it’s finished. We’re almost there, though, and what I have so far I really, really like. But I’ve never tried a novel before, so I’m as curious to see what happens as my readers!”

Ms. Maxxwell says the book will have a slightly softer tone than what her fans have seen before, but the language will be every bit as fun, and the scenes as playful as what they’re used to reading.

Fans can find Lexi on her Amazon Page and her erotica author’s website where you can sign up for her free ebook alerts.

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