Techsol's new "Small Display" Series of Touch-Screen Computers Pack Value into Small Space, at Low-Cost - From 3.5" to 4.7".

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Technical Solutions Inc. (Techsol) is pleased to release a new, modular touch-screen computer. With 500 MIPS of ARM computer power, LCD, touch-panel, Ethernet, USB and RS-232 serial ports, buzzer, power-supplies, and even a micro SD card-connector, they are an ideal computer for many small, touch-screen applications.

3.5" LCD, display adapter board, TSCM computer, and I/O board

Techsol's TSC-35d running Medallion Linux with GPE

These low-cost, industrial grade, touch-screen computers are being deployed on automotive production lines and maritime instrumentation. Its a lot of high-reliability computer for under $200 even at low volumes.

Techsol is now offering the components needed to build affordable HMI (Touch-screen) products, including:

  • display modules (in small or large form factor) with LCD and Touch-screen
  • computer modules (TSCM)
  • I/O interface with (power supply) boards

The small-form-factor TSC (touch-screen computer) product line shares a common 80mm x 85mm size. The display boards are a simple, rectangular PCB. The display PCB supports the LCD in front of it, plus the board-stack behind it. In this size Techsol offers 3.5” and 4.3” displays, both with LED back-lighting and 4-wire resistive touch-screens.
The displays are mated to a matching interface board which provides the LCD connector and logic circuits to connect the display, the back-light power-supply (with brightness control), as well as touch-screen connector and circuitry as needed.
CUSTOM DISPLAYS: Custom is Techsol's specialty, so if there is a different small display that is preferred, the engineers at Techsol can make it work!

The user selects the computer of choice from the TSCM (touch-screen computer module) lineup. This includes the TSCM-233 and the newer TSCM-283, all running Medallion Linux. Soon there will be a single-core Cortex-A8 option, the TSCM-53, followed by a very powerful multi-core option. All TSCM choices are pin-compatible, allowing full designer control over how much compute power is dialed in, and over costing.

The power-supply and interfaces are on the I/O board, which is the last board in the stack. The standard option provides Ethernet, USBs, serial ports, and a wide-input power-supply.
CUSTOM I/O: Techsol specializes in custom, and will develop I/O boards to suit your requirements. They have chip-level designs for GPS, POE, etc.

The modular architecture, with a 3-layer board-stack, offers unprecedented flexibility in creating computer solutions to meet your needs. And don't worry about obsolescence, as Techsol replaces obsolete parts with functionally equivalent ones as needed to keep product flowing.

This small-form-factor is popular for hand-held devices as well as low-cost fixed devices. For example, the 3.5” units are currently used on test gear on automobile production lines, and the 4.3” units are used in maritime instrumentation and medical HMI applications.

Dimensions: Width: 80 mm, 3.15 inches Height: 85 mm, 3.35 inches Thickness: 34 mm, 1.34 inches

"These computers are built to the same quality levels as our older products," said Brian Empey, P.Eng., CEO of Techsol, "meaning they're intended for commercial, industrial, and medical applications but they have more features integrated and a lower acquisition cost, making them suitable for a wider variety of low-cost applications."

Techsol’s deep hardware design experience, including chip-level designs for the computer boards, wireless, Power-Over Ethernet (POE), GPS, etc., coupled with deep software experience (12 years of Linux on ARM experience) means that they’ve probably developed the interfaces that your product needs already, and written the device drivers for them.

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Embedded Engineering is the same all over the world. Engineers face the same challenges of having too much to do, and not enough time or money to do it with. Techsol's Medallion Classic and TSC modules address this issue and provide a solution that extends into the production stages of a product, not just the proof-of-concept stage like many small SBCs.

Techsol's Medallion system is unique in the embedded computer world. The Medallion Single-board computer product line encompasses multiple CPUs, and different configurations with the same CPU. However, the pin-out and form-factor remain the same, even after 10 years.
And the newer TSCM will also have a similar long availability for "planned NON-obsolesence".
There is one Medallion module that is best matched to your application.

Brian Empey P.Eng, who founded Techsol in 1996, adds: "By designing with the Medallion system, you are effectively out-sourcing your CPU design and Linux porting with no up-front NRE fees! That lets your team concentrate on the hardware and software portions of your product that your customers see. The result is that you can create a higher-quality product in a fraction of the time (and cost) of designing everything yourself from scratch! Plus, the interchangeable modules extend product life-cycle times.
For more details, or to request further information, please visit our Web site at
Call 1-888-TECHSOL in North America, or 1-604-946-8324 and ask for Ashley or Brian, or e-mail sales(at)techsol(dot)ca"

Techsol is headquartered in Delta, British Columbia, Canada, where the mighty Fraser River meets the Pacific Ocean.

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