"Pet Health - The Shocking Truth, The Disgusting Lies Exposed!" Learn How To Cure Pets From Disease Without Veterinarians, Drugs, Surgeries or Procedures.

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Richard Chille, wildlife rehabilitator/rescuer and author of “Pet Health-The Shocking Truth, The Disgusting Lies Exposed“ discusses why are pets are getting sick and dying prematurely from poor health and disease and how anyone may cure their pets from disease or keep their pets disease free.

Buster, cured from kidney disease and bladder stones

"Our dogs are dying at around 12 or 13 years old, 14 if they're lucky and we think thats good and that they lived a long life, it's pathetic."

Richard Chille has been saving animals lives for over twenty years. Read about his story in his new book "Pet Health- The Shocking Truth, The Disgusting Lies Exposed!" and learn how he cured his dog Buster from kidney disease and bladder stones when four veterinarians couldn’t. Richie has saved many pets lives from disease such as kidney failure, liver disease, bowel disease, congestive heart failure, high blood pressure and other pet health problems.

If anyone has a pet with any serious health problem or disease visit http://www.thetruthaboutpethealth.com and learn how that pet may be cured without drugs or veterinarian assistance. "Pet owners will never reverse the problem and bring their pets back to optimum health if they continue to use drugs from the veterinarian and continue to feed their pets prescription food" say Chille. Learn about what causes diseases in pets and how to correct it and then prevent it. Learn how Mr. Chille cured and saved many of his own pets from organ failure and disease.

"We are all being lied to and brainwashed. We thought we could trust the dog food companies. We thought we could trust the media and the dog food commercials. We even thought we could trust our veterinarian, but can we?" asks Richard. It's about time we all learned the truth about pet health.

If anyone has a pet with cancer, or kidney failure, bladder stones, liver disease, congestive heart failure, cushings disease, diabetes, or any other disease, do not despair, there is hope. http://www.thetruthaboutpethealth.com will enlighten pet owners on how they may cure our pets and keep them disease free.

Do we believe it’s normal for our pets to get heart disease, liver failure, digestive disorders, renal failure, cancer and other serious diseases? "They get these diseases because of us, the pet owners because we were lied to all these years and didn’t know better" says Richard Chille.

"We feed them cancer in a bag A.K.A. Eukanuba, Iams, Purina, Beneful, Pedigree, Kibble’s N Bit’s, Meow Mix, and all other commercial pet foods. We constantly bring them to the Vet for semi annual and annual vaccinations which suppresses their immune system. We allow our veterinarians to inject them with drugs and shove pills down their throat at every visit. We pour frontline down their backs like it’s perfume when it’s nothing but a severely toxic poison that is eventually absorbed in the blood and causes liver damage" says Richard..

Richard Chille has saved many pets from disease and has a lot of living proof to show for it. He has saved them without drugs and without veterinarians and he will show others how they may cure their pets on their own. Richard is an experienced wildlife rescuer and has been saving animals for over twenty years. He has cured many pets when other pets died under veterinarian care. He has living proof that he has cured his pets from disease and organ failure.

"There are thousands of pet owners crying out loud searching for answers online through social media, message boards, chat rooms, forums, and pet health websites. Their pets are sick and not getting better, and these pet owners cannot find answers. They are desperate to help their dogs or cats because they are like family to them. Thousands of pet owners with thousands of veterinarians and no one can find out how to stop bladder stones from forming without drugs or prescription food" says Chille.

Dogs and cats and other pets are dying from diseases that could easily be avoided had pet owners not been deceived and lied to. Learn the truth about pet health and learn how to cure pets without drugs, surgery or veterinarians.

The internet and television advertising are full of nothing but lies. There are more useless pet health products and garbage dog foods for sale online and in the stores than ever before and they are creating illness. What pet owners think they are buying and what they are actually buying are two different things. It's not what they think it is, it's what they have been brain washed to think it is.

Many people think they can trust the dog food companies. Many people think they can trust the pet health websites for natural remedies, most of them don't work at all. Many people think they can trust their veterinarian. Be very careful who you trust. Find out the truth at http://www.thetruthaboutpethealth.com.

"Pet Health - The Shocking Truth, The Disgusting Lies Exposed!" contains a wealth of information about pet health and disease that pet owners will not find in any other pet health book, and is the only pet health book ever written that can claim it has cured pets from disease without drugs or surgery. This book is a must read for any devoted loving pet owner.

Learn how to keep pets disease free and how we may cure pets from disease, visit http://thetruthaboutpethealth.com

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