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Job search success has a lot to do with the job hunter's attitude. Judy Suke, Motivational Humorist, acclaimed speaker and author joins Paul Hill on the Get Hired Fast Track show, live on VOKLE to help job hunters get hired.

I personally believe that in order to survive in this hectic world, you have to have a sense of humor

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Job search is one of the most challenging aspects of a professional's life. The job seeker has to be at her most desirable yet she may be at her most vulnerable. How a job hunter presents himself has a lot to do with his success in landing a job. Attitude often determines likability and likability is a big factor in getting hired and having a sense of humor, even when times are tough, is an important attribute to have when in transition. "I have found more people get job offers when they laugh during an interview than when they pout" said Paul Hill, author of The Panic Free Job Search: Unleash the Power of the Web and Social Networking to Get Hired.

Knowing how to deliver an engaging message through great presentation skills peppered with humour is often the recipe that leads to job search success. Judy Suke, author of From the Stage to the Page, winner of the "Women of the Year" award and venerated holder of the Ontario Government's certificate for "Excellence in Human Resources" has mastered the art of delivering a "serious message" with humor.

"Many job-hunters are beat-up over the constant rejection and have lost the will to fight in this economy." said Paul Hill, Trainer and Chief Instructor for the The Panic Free Job Search and HAPPEN Boot Camp, "There has to be a shift that takes place in one's attitude if a person wants to turn things around, and being able to laugh at the absurdity of one's situation is key."

"I personally believe that in order to survive in this hectic world, you have to have a sense of humor", said Judy Suke, President of Triangle Seminars, "I also believe it is easy to have a sense of humor. I realize that some of you may have to work really hard at it. Especially, if you are not accustomed to letting yourself enjoy life. But, the effort is worth it!"

Simply being told to think positive does not do much good in job search unless you have a plan and the tools to take the right action. Learning the process of doing a targeted search and how to uncover the hidden job market using advanced smart search tactics that combine new school online research with old school off line tactics are the keys to getting hired today. "At the higher levels, jobs that pay over $60,000 per year, it is all about finding people not jobs, people lead people to jobs at this level," said Hill, "Its all about learning how to be a candidate without first becoming an applicant, and if you can engage people with laughter you are well on your way to being a candidate."

The Get Hired Fast Track show is sponsored by the HAPPEN Network, which is the largest network for professionals in transition. Through interviews with leading job search, career and transformational coaches and experts the Get Hired Fast Track show provides job hunters with the tools needed to get hired.

Experience the power of real-time interactive social media at its best through live video broadcasting from the comfort of your computer or smart phone and join the worldwide audience in the interactive Q&A live streaming video simulcast on Facebook and VOKLE, as well as participate on Twitter using #PanicFreeJobSearch.

The Get Hired Fast Track show, with host Paul Hill and guest Judy Suke, will air live on September 12, 2012 at 7:00PM EDT. (iPhone and iPad users require an Adobe Flash compatible browser.)

Transition to Hired and Paul Hill

Transition to Hired provides job search and career coaching services, as well as innovative products that facilitate the job search process. Paul Hill has dedicated 26 years of his career to helping professionals get hired, and is the author of The Panic Free Job Search: Unleash the Power of the Web and Social Networking to Get Hired. For more information please visit and follow Paul Hill on twitter @GetHiredFastTrk

Triangle Seminars and Judy Suke

Judy is the President of Triangle Seminars where she has a terrific team of trainers, speakers and entertainers. A popular speaker at conferences and corporate events, Judy's mission statement is - to bring humor and hope to people around the world. For more information please visit

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