Chinese Drywall Complaint Center Now Demands The Feds Take Charge Of The Toxic Chinese Drywall Disaster For Homeowners In Florida & The US South-Time For Real Leadership

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The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center is the best known advocate for victims of the toxic Chinese drywall disaster, and the group is demanding the Obama Administration, and federal agencies show up to this disaster-with some meaningful leadership. According to the US Consumer Products Safety Commission, "Toxic Chinese drywall contains hydrogen sulfide in amounts sufficient enough to eat holes in copper air conditioning coils in about a year," and the Chinese Drywall Complaint Center's biggest concern remains if the hydrogen sulfide gasses being emitted by toxic Chinese drywall in houses in Florida, Virginia, or the US Gulf States are strong enough to eat through a copper air conditioning coil in about a year, what is exposure to toxic Chinese drywall doing to the US citizens who live in these homes? The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center says, "We are demanding federal leadership for the Toxic Chinese Drywall Disaster-its only been nearly four years since the problem was first identified, and we are convinced we are talking about more than 200,000 homes, and or US families." http://ChineseDrywallComplaintCenter.Com

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Not only do we see no hope, and change, we see no federal leadership when it comes to the Toxic Chinese Drywall Disaster. If Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney wanted an October Surprise-the Chinese Drywall Disaster is it-it just came a month early

The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center says, "We believe the number of US homes that contain toxic Chinese drywall exceeds 200,000 in Florida, Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana. and Southeast Texas. We know an average air conditioning coil in a toxic Chinese drywall home in Florida lasts about year before it fails-because the toxic Chinese drywall off gasses hydrogen sulfide. Our biggest problem is because there has been no meaningful federal leadership, the Toxic Chinese Drywall Disaster continues to fester, and get worse-impacting more people. So what is President Obama's position on the Toxic Chinese Drywall Disaster-we don't know-he has never mentioned the topic one time in public?" The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center has been expressing deep concern over the long term health effects related to exposure to toxic Chinese drywall for over three years, there is no EPA protocol on repairing a toxic Chinese drywall home, and in most states Fannie Mae, or banks have no requirement to disclose if a home foreclosure contains toxic Chinese drywall-or not? The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center says, "If we do not get some meaningful federal leadership on the toxic Chinese drywall disaster in places like Florida, or Virginia more people will have their lives damaged, or destroyed by toxic Chinese drywall. It really is time for a change." http://ChineseDrywallComplaintCenter.Com

The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center is now demanding the following federal rules, and or regulations be applied to the Toxic Chinese Drywall Disaster in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Southeast Texas, and Virginia:

  • "According to the US Consumer Products Safety Commission's web site toxic Chinese contains hydrogen sulfide. Please Google Hydrogen Sulfide. "The US EPA needs to immediately establish a uniform protocol to remediate a toxic Chinese drywall home, or condominium in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and Virginia."
  • "There needs to be an immediate moratorium on the sale of all toxic Chinese drywall home foreclosures until the US EPA can establish if these homes are even fixable. Why sell a home foreclosure to an unsuspecting home buyer-if as soon as they find out the home contains toxic Chinese drywall-the home becomes a foreclosure all over again?"
  • "At the present time there is no valid disclosure requirement for banks selling a toxic Chinese drywall foreclosure in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, or Texas. Further, there is no stringent requirement that would force a seller, or a landlord to disclose the existence of toxic Chinese drywall in a home, condominium, or townhouse. A seller, or a real estate agent has to disclose lead paint, and not toxic Chinese drywall? This needs to change, and the change needs to occur immediately."
  • "Because toxic Chinese drywall has touched so many thousands of lives in Florida, Virginia and the US Southeast, the US EPA, and the US Centers for Disease Control need to initiate immediate studies aimed at determining if a toxic Chinese drywall home is even safe enough to live in? Once again, if toxic Chinese drywall will turn copper electrical wires black, in six months or less, and or degrade a copper air conditioning coil within a year. What is this toxic Chinese drywall import doing to the health of US homeowners, renters and their families-who live in these homes?"
  • "The Chinese government needs to pay for the mess they have created for US homeowners, at this point the government of China will not even acknowledge there is a problem with their toxic Chinese drywall product called Taishan. We believe there are at least 100,000 homes in Florida, Virginia, and the US Southeast that contain Taishan toxic Chinese drywall. Why should these homeowners get left holding the bag for a very toxic building product made in China-by the Chinese Government?" Further the Chinese Drywall Complaint Center considers the initial Knauf Tianjin toxic Chinese drywall a settlement that only helps about 5000 homeowners-to be a backroom deal. The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center is now urging the Federal District Court in New Orleans to reopen the window for Knauf Tainjin homeowners to be identified by the court. The group estimates only one in twenty Knauf Tianjin homeowners has been identified thus far.

The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center says, "Where is the change you can believe in, if you are a mother living with her children in a Florida home, that contains toxic Chinese drywall? No real disclosure laws for toxic Chinese drywall, no required remediation protocol for the tens of thousands of homes involved? At what point does the federal government show up, for the victims of the toxic Chinese drywall disaster? We are talking about a US Disaster, and US citizens in the biggest mess of their lives, and we are demanding a federal response-now." http://ChineseDrywallComplaintCenter.Com
(United States District Court-Eastern District of Louisiana MDL Case # 2047)

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