Watershed Programs Break through Communication Barriers with Technical Staff

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Engineers, programmers, and other technical staff are typically able to prioritize and plan improvement of technical competencies. Now they also will have the tools they need in the areas of leadership, effectiveness, professionalism, and performance management, which are considered equally as important. Programs by Employee Development Systems, Inc. focus on the practical aspects of professional development, presented in a logical and accessible format. The unique curriculum and content delivery methods developed by CEO, Suzanne Updegraff, present core concepts of leadership and effectiveness that can be easily communicated to technical audiences.

Employee Development Systems, Inc.

While every employee has unique contributions to the workplace, many engineers, programmers, and other technical staff members tend to have some similar qualities that create particular challenges for communication within a non-technical setting.

Challenges of Developing a Technical Audience

While every employee has unique contributions to the workplace, many engineers, programmers, and other technical staff members tend to have some similar qualities that make communication in a non-technical setting challenging.

Technical staff members have likely spent much of their career working solely with coworkers who have similar competencies as their own. This gives them a common language and efficient method for describing and resolving problems. Secondly, technical employees tend to be deep in thought for much of their work day. Even when taking a break from their projects, they are often deep in thought, trying to solve the latest challenge they’re being faced with.

These two qualities of having a common language with coworkers and spending most of their time immersed in concentrated problem solving often leaves them without the unique professional tools they require in order to become effective leaders. Leadership skills such as conflict resolution, communicating in difficult situations, handling diverse personality styles, and managing performance are critical for leading both technical and non-technical teams. These core skills are critical for organizations that require technical experts to perform as leaders.

Tangible Skill Development and Practical Takeaways

Reaching this subset within the organization requires a tangible and practical curriculum. Employee Development Systems, Inc. provides professional development programs, such as Increasing Personal Effectiveness, Communicating to Manage Performance, and Professional Presence in a Casual World, which are all designed to successfully reach all audiences including those of a technical nature.

The curriculum requires learners to work through the skills development within the context of their own professional goals and challenges. For example, in Communicating to Manage Performance, the use of ‘I’ statements for developing leaders is learned by entreating each person to work through real situations and communication challenges that they are currently facing on the job. In Increasing Personal Effectiveness, participants take an assessment that reveals their own behavioral style, which is a conduit for the introduction of behavioral styles and how to utilize them in the workplace.

According to Adam Nightingale, Vice President for Human Resources, Cameron Valves & Measurement, “We had instances were managers weren’t having difficult conversations that they needed to have. We needed to equip them with the necessary tools for managing those conversations. Participants came away with a better core understanding of how to handle their employees, generational issues, and techniques for approaching difficult situations. The program raised the overall professionalism and the participants’ ability to lead and communicate effectively. The (Employee Development Systems, Inc.) program is practical, simple, easy to understand, and the day after the training, participants can start using the skills that they have learned. We had skeptics were quickly converted. It’s all very worthwhile."

About Employee Development Systems, Inc.

Employee Development Systems, Inc. is a Colorado-based professional development firm that was founded in 1979 and offers employee development, management development, leadership and professionalism courses and accompanying behavioral style assessments, surveys and other tools. Employee Development Systems, Inc. provides services worldwide to Fortune 500 clients as well as small to medium-sized businesses.

The organization’s mission is to enhance the interpersonal skills needed to perform at a more productive level, to develop a workforce that adapts to change, and is creative and innovative and to make the client organization the employer of choice. This is accomplished through establishing trust, building relationships and fostering behavioral change. Employee Development Systems, Inc. training and development initiatives address employee engagement, multiple generations in the workplace and the ramifications of social media and collaboration.

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