Triad Semiconductor to Demonstrate Low Cost Mixed Signal ASIC Design Solution in Booth #701 at DesignEast in Boston September 18-19

Experienced Triad engineers will be at the DesignEast show (Booth #701) demonstrating a new VHDL-AMS mixed-signal Windows-PC desktop design environment that enables non-IC designers to create their own semi-custom mixed-signal ASICs in 3-5 months at a fraction of the cost of traditional full-custom IC development

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ViaDesigner VHDL-AMS simulations do in two minutes what can take two days in a SPICE simulator

Winston-Salem, N.C. (PRWEB) September 14, 2012

Triad Semiconductor, will be demonstrating a new low cost mixed signal semi-custom ASIC design environment at DesignEast called ViaDesigner™. The DesignEast Conference will be held at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston Massachusetts with the expo floor open Tuesday September 18 and Wednesday September 19th. Triad’s ViaASIC™ engineers will be giving live demos of the ViaDesigner software in booth #701. The ViaDesigner electronic design automation (EDA) software is a Windows®-PC design environment that enables systems engineers to design their own semi-custom application specific integrated circuits (ASIC) without the need for in-depth IC design know-how.

The ViaDesigner software is a complete mixed signal design and simulation environment that includes schematic capture, VHDL, Verilog, and VHDL-AMS design entry and mixed-mode simulation. The design and analysis process is simplified and accelerated through the use of wizards that help the engineer to create sophisticated analog and mixed-signal functions without getting bogged down in low-level, full-custom IC layout details. The current list of wizards available in ViaDesigner include: operational amplifier, integrator, filter, analog to digital converter, digital to analog converter, sigma delta modulator, resistor, capacitor, analog multiplexer, analog switches, voltage reference, configurable I/O pads, power on reset, and a comparator wizard. In a traditional full-custom ASIC development, the creation of a sigma delta modulator is a tedious and lengthy task of manually sizing full-custom devices and laying them out by hand. In ViaDesigner, the user places a sigma delta modulator wizard symbol on the schematic, launches the configuration wizard, picks the order of the modulator and clocking details, and ViaDesigner automatically generates the modulator and corresponding VHDL-AMS model for simulation. “A VHDL-AMS based simulation offers excellent simulation fidelity and speed improvement compared to a low-level SPICE simulation” stated Reid Wender VP of Marketing and Technical Sales at Triad Semiconductor. Wender went on to say “Using SPICE a single conversion cycle of a sigma delta ADC simulation can take close to two days while the same VHDL-AMS simulation in ViaDesigner can be accomplished in less than two minutes.”

Traditional ASICs are just too expensive, time consuming and risky for consideration in all but the highest volume projects these days. Triad provides a unique and patented semi-custom ASIC called a ViaASIC. These ViaASICs contain silicon-proven analog and digital resources that are overlaid with a patented global routing fabric. Triad’s mixed-signal-aware place and route tool, ViaPath™, places vias in this routing fabric to configure and interconnect resources to implement a customer’s circuit. Only this single via mask layer is sent to the foundry for processing against staged wafers.

Triad’s ViaASIC approach radically reduces development costs (up to 80%), reduces develop times from 18 months down to 3-5 months, and provides for major risk mitigation compared to a traditional ASIC development. And, since Triad’s development costs are so much lower than the old fashioned way of making ASICs Triad does not need the customer to commit to large production volumes. In fact, ViaASICs are attractive solutions for volumes from thousands to millions.

Design teams seeking to improve end product cost, size, weight, power, manufacturability, and reliability are good candidates for ViaASIC integration.

About Triad Semiconductor, Inc.
Triad Semiconductor is changing the way mixed signal ASICs are designed. Triad makes ViaASICs™ that combine silicon-proven analog and digital resources onto ASIC die that are configured with a single (Via-Only™) mask layer change. This approach to ASIC design reduces development cost, development time, and is easier and less risky than traditional full-custom IC design. For more information, please visit or call (336) 774-2150.

(watch a 3-minute video intro to Triad Semiconductor)

(watch a screencast of an inverting op-amp design in ViaDesigner)



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