Dr. Elizabeth Fox Responds to Plastic Surgery as Anti-Bullying Tool

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A new report suggests that young children who experience bullying as a result of their appearance could benefit from plastic surgery procedures. Respected plastic surgeon, Dr. Elizabeth Fox comments on how plastic surgery can help children transition into adult life.

As bullying remains at the forefront of American news, many adults are searching for ways to help reduce this negative behavior that is found in schools across the country. While there are many factors that cause a child to be bullied, one of the most prevalent reasons is the individual’s appearance. A recent report from NBC reveals that in cases where a child is bullied because of his or her looks, some find that plastic surgery is a great way to improve the child’s self-esteem. Although plastic surgery must be carefully approached when involving patients under the age of 18, Dr. Elizabeth Fox explains how simple procedures can help drastically enhance a bullied child’s life.

NBC notes that Dr. Jennifer Walden in Austin, Texas is one plastic surgeon willing to take young patients under the condition that they are negatively affected by bullying. Walden helps put these situations into context and explains, “A six-year-old child being called 'Dumbo,' for example, is not a real nice thing. [A] surgery procedure such as an otoplasty, or ear pinning, only takes two, two and a half hours and can actually help that child in a short amount of time with those anatomic problems that they may have. It's not a cure-all, but it can help for certain specific problems.”

Dr. Elizabeth Fox of Naples, Florida notes that while the idea may seem foreign, due to the age of the patient, the motivation behind plastic surgery is not unlike that of adults who seek similar procedures. Dr. Elizabeth Fox explains, “In society one often associates plastic surgery with women wanting to feel better about themselves; however, children can also require self-esteem boosting procedures which can help their confidence and ultimately their future. Sometimes ear pinning as a child, or liposuction as a teenager, can contribute to feeling more comfortable in society, thus allowing a better transition into adult life.”

While some may be surprised by the concept of children undergoing plastic surgery, the article notes that the practice is not that uncommon among Americans. Citing the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, NBC reveals “there were more than 34,600 surgeries performed in the United States on patients who were 18 or younger. There was also more than 97,200 non-surgical procedures performed on children. The procedures include things like laser hair removal, chemical peels and injectables.” Dr. Elizabeth Fox recommends that if a parent is considering plastic surgery for their child, it is important to look at the situation from all angles and receive expert opinions from psychiatrists, psychologists and pediatricians before undergoing a procedure.


Dr. Elizabeth Fox is a plastic surgeon based in Naples, Florida. A medical professional, Dr. Elizabeth Fox provides her patients with thorough consultations and a wide range of cosmetic procedures, including wrinkle treatments, nonsurgical facelifts, topical treatments, breast augmentation, lip rejuvenation, and more. Dr. Elizabeth Fox is dedicated to providing her patients with a high quality of care and continually works to improve the offerings of her practice.

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