Kaushal Sinha Provides Tips for Protecting Against Internet Vulnerability

The addiction of today’s culture to information technology has had several ramifications, including the increased vulnerability of Internet users. Kaushal Sinha warns individuals to protect themselves online.

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New York, New York (PRWEB) September 12, 2012

Information technology, or IT, connects individuals to people and information in a way never before achieved. In fact, popular culture is, according to an article in Forbes, addicted to the connectivity that IT provides. Kaushal Sinha, an IT professional, embraces the value that IT brings to everyday life, but he also reminds Internet users that connecting to the World Wide Web can make them vulnerable to a long list of issues.

“This is an interesting article about addiction to information technology,” notes Kaushal Sinha. “I am an old school person; I would rather use a stamp and envelope to send my letters and would rather develop my pictures in a dark room than load digital images onto my computer. But in today’s quickly moving world, I find it impossible to drive without a portable GPS on my dashboard. I can’t imagine being without Internet service at home and I measure speed for download and upload streams. Instead of calculating numbers using my education, I rely upon technical devices to crunch those numbers. It is sad but true that we rely on IT to race against time and the people around us. We now live in a digital world where we have less and less interaction with human beings and increasingly rely on digital computers and devices to perform our daily tasks.”

Regardless of if this addiction is good or bad, it is important to note the ramifications that it has had on the privacy of Internet users. Every time an individual connects to the World Wide Web, they are putting themselves at risk. From identity theft to the use of malware and spyware, ill-willed individuals can affect Internet users in a number of ways.

“Having said this, the more exposed we are through technology the more vulnerable we become—and the more we are likely to become targets of scams. We need to protect and secure ourselves more than ever before with various tools, as mentioned in the article. Our thinking has changed; we are more cautious of every step we take and more proactive with the choices we make. Is this good? Maybe. Do we have a choice? No.”

Sinha is looking forward to future innovations within the IT industry, as he knows that many professionals are working to make the Internet safer for users. With further developments regarding Internet safety, Sinha knows that users can continue to take advantage of the convenience of IT while protecting themselves against malware, spyware, and other ill-meant activities.


Kaushal Sinha is an information technology professional with over 18 years of experience in his field. Since beginning his career, Kaushal Sinha has excelled as a network and system administrator. Utilizing his years of experience and training, Kaushal Sinha offers leading technological solutions to his employers and their clients. Most notably, he works with financial institutions to assist with money management and financial planning.


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