Launches New Site as Online Porn Viewing Continues to Increase

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The launch of will raise awareness of the porn epidemic, help people understand porn addiction, and help those looking for help to overcome it. has launched a new site focused on helping people understand porn addiction and helping those who are seeking help to overcome the addiction. The site offers free articles and advice on different topics related to the addiction. Families can also use the site to learn how to make the computer at home safer. Those interested can visit for more information.

According to "The Internet opened up a whole new virtual world of sharing and communication. The freedom of the Internet has allowed it to become the pinnacle of information and entertainment of all kinds. Pornography is one of the largest industries on the Internet, and the popularity of online porn seems to be constantly increasing. In order to comfortably grasp of the size of the online porn industry, take a look at the following statistics."

Approximately 12 percent of all Internet websites are pornographic, which is about 25 million sites and growing (Gawker Assets)

Internet porn is over a $5 billion per year industry worldwide (Gawker Assets)

"Sex" is the most-seached term on search engines every year (Internet Filter Review 2006)

About 25 percent of all search engine requests are sexual in nature, which is close to 70 million requests every day (Gawker Assets)

While there are more male porn users than female porn users, many women still frequent adult sites. In fact, over 30 percent of porn users are female, and studies have shown that an estimated 17 percent of women consider themselves "addicted" to online pornography (Carey 2011). In total, there are an estimated 40 million Americans who visit porn sites on a regular basis (Gawker Assets).

The United States is actually the world's largest producer of Internet pornography. According to the Internet Filter Review stats cited above, the U.S. pulled in a profit of about $2 billion from Internet porn in 2005. However, profit from U.S. Internet porn increased to $2.84 billion in 2006, which reveals just how rapidly online porn is growing.

According to, "The continual increase in online porn usage can be attributed to many factors. Part of the increase is likely due to the growing importance of the Internet as an essential tool for everyday life. Many older adults have been exposed to the Internet in recent years for uses such as email and search engines. Additionally, there is a growing number of young adults and teens who have grown up surrounded by Internet technology. As long as Internet usage continues to increase, then online porn usage will likely continue to increase as well."

Of course, the biggest factor that is likely contributing to increasing online porn usage is the development of smartphones and other mobile devices (Lin 2009). Smartphones allow people to access the Internet from nearly anywhere in the world, and where there is Internet accessibility, there is generally porn accessibility. In fact, many porn sites are willing to provide mobile-friendly versions of videos and images that prevent excruciatingly long loading times for smartphone users. says "Porn's overall influence on people is still a fairly debatable topic. In fact, some countries, especially those in the Middle East, have decided to censor porn sites altogether. It will be interesting to see if Western and European governments decide to take aggressive approaches to reduce online porn, but given the revenue online porn generates, any political action will likely be met with strong opposition."

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