Miami Valley Animal Control Company Announces New Service To Help Homeowners Combat Against Bat Infestations

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To help fight against potential medical problems that could arise when bats thrive in large numbers in homes, Miami Valley Wildlife Control Owner, Jeff Krznarich, introduces a new animal control service for homeowners.

Within the past year, alarming rates of disease caused from Bat infestations has been occurring throughout the state of Ohio. Homeowners are the primary candidates to fall ill from the diseases carried by these animals due to the close approximation between humans and Bats. "Typically, bats make there homes in attics and crawl spaces in residential homes. Depending on the duration of time a bat colony persists in a home, the presence of disease can become a significant threat," Jeff Krznarich reports.

Jeff Krznarich says, “Bats can become a nasty problem for homeowners because they leave their waste in the places they inhabit and this can be quite dangerous because they carry parasites that could cause medical problems.”

“We can help you prevent and remove any problems regarding bats in your homes or even in your businesses with the use of cutting-edge yet very humane methods available,” he points out.

Large quantities of bat droppings can become a ripe environment for fungal growth. The spores contained within the dried up droppings can lead to the contraction of lung disease among humans when inhaled, with the more severe cases potentially leading to death.

Bats are also known to carry rabies even if they do not show any signs. As a result, living or working close to these dangerous mammals may lead to rabies exposure. Because of the danger these animals pose to humans, it is imperative that bat infestations are prevented or controlled at once. However, because most homeowners don’t have access to the ideal safety equipment needed in getting rid of this kind of problem, it is advised that they call on the experts to handle cases of infestation.

“Our wildlife control team is composed of insured and licensed professionals who have been through rigorous training on the safe removal and exclusion of entire bat colonies. Because of this, they are able to cope with either a small or a huge bat infestation problem safely and without the use of poisonous chemicals,” Jeff Krznarich states.

He adds, “We also offer assessment of whole buildings and inspection of attics to ensure that your bat problem is eradicated completely and to see to it that further problems are prevented.”

Managing bats can be quite a challenge as the smallest of them are able to gain entry to homes even with openings only 3/8 of an inch. This calls for animal control specialists to be completely thorough with their efforts to curb or prevent the increase of the population of bats within a confined space. They are known to inhabit such spaces as attics, walls, chimneys, ceilings and crawlspaces.

Miami Valley Wildlife Control does not only work at removing, controlling and excluding your homes and businesses of bat infestation of any size, they also see to the minor repairs of the damage caused by these animals. Miami Valley Wildlife Control guarantees humane, safe and professional services at competitive prices.

“We are lovers of wildlife. However, it is also our firm belief that wild animals should stay in the wild. They have no place in our homes because of the problems they pose not only to our health, but also to the integrity of our homes. We have made it our mission to help communities throughout Ohio with the infestation of bats or any of these wild animals,” Jeff Krznarich reveals.

The wildlife control and removal company does not only serve Miami Valley, but also the areas of Springfield, Dayton, Columbus, Piqua and Cincinnati in Ohio. Aside from bats, they also offer removal services of skunks, squirrels, raccoons, groundhogs, moles and birds.

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