Law of Attraction Teacher Joe Vitale From The Secret Reveals How He Went from Homeless to Riches on Mind Movies Online Show

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Joe Vitale, a star from the hit movie, The Secret, visited Law of Attraction guru Natalie Ledwell on her twice-weekly online Inspiration Show from personal development company Mind Movies. In the interview, Vitale explained exactly how he was able to use the Law of Attraction to go from homelessness to a life of happiness and unparalleled success.

Law of Attraction Guru Natalie Ledwell Interviews Joe Vitale from the hit film, The Secret

Law of Attraction Guru Natalie Ledwell Releases Exclusive Interview Video with Joe Vitale from the hit film, The Secret

The secret is really your mindset... I had to stop questioning myself before I reached the big turning point in my life.

Natalie Ledwell, co-founder of Mind Movies, recently released an exclusive interview with Joe Vitale on YouTube. During the exclusive interview on the online Inspiration Show, Joe Vitale opened up about his past, including how he went from being homeless and living in utter poverty to becoming a Law of Attraction legend starring in the hit film The Secret, and was even featured on Oprah.

As revealed on the Inspiration Show, Joe Vitale had the goal of becoming an author since he was 16, yet it took a "journey of personal development and overcoming limiting beliefs" before he was able to find success, and he opened up to viewers with an honest portrayal of the journey he had to take in order to climb out of homelessness and utter poverty.

During the interview with Ledwell, Vitale offered viewers advice on how anyone can discover what their passion is, which he believes is the key to motivation and overcoming procrastination. Vitale even shared his "million dollar secret to discovering your passion, which eradicates procrastination," and "gives you the courage to face your fears."

Vitale explained that he had to face his own fear to become an author, and that's how he was able to star on the movie The Secret. He explained that if he'd waited until he overcame all his limiting beliefs, he never would have achieved the incredible success he has today.

Vitale shareed his story of how he used to feel it was "me against the world" and that holding on to that belief continued to sabotage his success until he abolished it.

Vitale said, "The secret is really your mindset," and continued, "I had to stop questioning myself before I reached the big turning point in my life." Even years after his appearance on The Secret, Vitale continues to serve the world by spreading this message, along with techniques on using the Law of Attraction and visualization to skyrocket a person's success in life.

Ledwell was excited to have him appear on the Inspiration Show, "Joe Vitale always has impactful Law of Attraction and visualization insights to share, and it's so exciting to have him appear on the show to help our viewers."

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