Rx Networks Announces XYBRID Cloud™ - A Hosted GNSS Hybrid Location Service

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Cloud processing of GNSS and Wi-Fi signals brings alternative or complementary options to dedicated GNSS chipsets in M2M and mobile applications, whether outdoors or in-building.

Hosted Hybrid GNSS Positioning Service
hybrid location service that uses cloud-based computing to determine a position from the GNSS, Wi-Fi or cellular signals sensed by the device

Rx Networks Inc., a leading mobile location technology company, today announced the upcoming release of XYBRID Cloud™ a hosted GNSS hybrid location service that uses cloud-based computing to determine a position from the GNSS, Wi-Fi or cellular signals sensed by the device.

XYBRID Cloud exposes a simple service interface that client devices can use to upload snapshots of raw GNSS signals along with a list of observed Wi-Fi access points or cell tower IDs. From this, it then computes a location even in situations where there may have been less than the minimum number of visible GNSS satellites normally required, or where signals may be too weak for an onboard GNSS receiver to effectively process.

The GNSS signals submitted by the client devices can typically be captured using a standard, low-cost RF receiver. Alternatively, these signals can be captured via the onboard GNSS chip, if the device is so equipped, and relayed to XYBRID Cloud when the onboard chip determines it is unable to resolve a fix.

XYBRID Cloud is a scalable service designed to opportunistically take advantage of different signal sources and constellations, and dynamically adapt to the current conditions “seen” by the device (e.g. request subsequent GNSS snapshots at preset intervals to further refine an indoor fix). The service is also designed for reliability and takes direct advantage of Rx Networks’ proven GPStream GNSS Global Reference Network (GPStream GRN™) and global Wi-Fi/Cell-ID database service (XYBRID RT™), solutions that assist the location needs of hundreds of millions of devices every day.

This first release of XYBRID Cloud is optimized for non real-time positioning, typically referred to as “tag and locate” applications, where GNSS data is captured for later processing. Such applications can include geo-tagging of photographs, “track and trace” surveillance, and many other machine-to-machine (M2M) cases where logging of location is desired, but where the use of a dedicated GNSS chipset may prove too costly or require too much power to be effective. In 2013, XYBRID Cloud will add GLONASS support and bring deeper indoor positioning options tailored, for instance, to devices that are generally static, such as network infrastructure elements (access points, routers, picocells) and M2M equipment.

“We have helped OEMs, operators and chipset vendors improve the real-time location performance of mobile devices for years by providing our high availability and innovative GNSS assistance and Wi-Fi/Cell-ID positioning solutions. But not every device necessarily requires fast time to fix or turn-by-turn navigation capability, nor should mobile devices unnecessarily expend battery power attempting to compute a GNSS fix when one is not readily attainable,” said Guylain Roy-MacHabée, CEO of Rx Networks. “With the growth of the M2M market, XYBRID Cloud brings a new set of options for devices that require high availability and accurate positioning, but not necessarily in real-time, and where power or cost requirements may make a dedicated GNSS chipset impractical. It will also bring new options to assist and supplement client-based GNSS receivers in severely challenging indoor signal conditions.”

XYBRID Cloud is being demonstrated this week at the ION GNSS 2012 conference in Nashville, Tennessee. The service is now available for evaluation, with commercial use to begin by the end of the year. Rx Networks is seeking RF front end, baseband and GNSS chipset vendors interested in this service to join the XYBRID Cloud launch program.

About Rx Networks Inc.

Solving Every “Where”.
Rx Networks is a mobile positioning technology company that develops hybrid positioning and assisted-GPS solutions that unify any available GPS, GLONASS, cell tower or Wi-Fi® information. These solutions, already licensed by leading GNSS semiconductor vendors, device OEMS, network equipment vendors, and mobile operators, bring instant location awareness and help deliver an unmatched mobile location user experience on any device and for any application. GPStream GRN™ provides global real-time and long-term prediction GPS/GLONASS reference data for use by any mobile network location server. GPStream PGPS™ adds GPS and GLONASS extended ephemeris support to increase the sensitivity and acquisition speed of any GNSS chipset, while XYBRID RT™ and XYBRID SUPL LE™ combine Wi-Fi/Cell positioning with real-time A-GPS/A-GLONASS support to extend the location performance of GNSS chips in difficult areas, such as indoors or urban cores.

About Tecterra Inc.

The XYBRID Cloud solution has been developed with funding support from TECTERRA Inc., a national organization supporting Canadian companies in the development and commercialization of innovative geomatics technology solutions. For more information, visit http://www.tecterra.com.

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