Pradaxa Lawyers Recognize Atrial Fibrillation Awareness Month by Highlighting the Dangers of Pradaxa

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In recognition of Atrial Fibrillation Awareness Month, the attorneys at Morgan and Morgan are warning that Pradaxa, a popular blood thinner used to prevent strokes in atrial fibrillation patients, has allegedly been linked to serious and fatal hemorrhages.

In recognition of Atrial Fibrillation Awareness Month, the attorneys at Morgan and Morgan are warning that a popular blood thinner prescribed to prevent strokes and blood clots in atrial fibrillation patients has been alleged, according to legal claims cited by an Aug. 31 Madison Record article, to cause uncontrollable and severe bleeds. Approved to reduce the risk of stroke and blood clots in patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation, Pradaxa is the center of dozens of lawsuits (MDL No. 2385 styled In Re: Pradaxa (Dabigatran Etexilate) Products Liability Litigation) claiming that patients were not properly warned that the drug lacks an antidote to reverse its anticlotting effects and that this irreversibility could have permanently disabling, life-threatening or fatal consequences.

Unlike with older blood thinner warfarin, there is no effective antidote to stop hemorrhaging in patients who experience severe bleeds while taking Pradaxa, according to doctors cited in a June 14th Huffington Post article. It has been suggested that even minor events, such as a ground-level falls, could have life-threatening consequences. A March issue of the Journal of Neurosurgery highlighted this concern when it published a case report of a man who took Pradaxa and suffered minor head trauma, which eventually led to excessive and fatal brain hemorrhaging.

In Dec. 2011, the FDA released a safety announcement stating that it would be evaluating reports of bleeding events in patients taking Pradaxa. The agency said that it would be looking to determine whether these reports were occurring more often than what would be expected, but that it believed that the benefits of the drug outweighed its potential risks. Pradaxa lawsuits filed (MDL No. 2385 styled In Re: Pradaxa (Dabigatran Etexilate) Products Liability Litigation) since the announcement claim otherwise, stating that the blockbuster blood thinner is unreasonably dangerous and less safe than the equally effective warfarin, which is also prescribed for people with certain types of heartbeat abnormalities.

Atrial fibrillation is an irregular heart rhythm which involves the upper heart chamber and puts patients at an increased risk of stroke. To reduce this risk, patients suffering from atrial fibrillation may be required to make lifestyle changes, such as losing weight and quitting smoking, and to take aspirin as an anti-clotting agent. If the atrial fibrillation patient is at a significant risk for blood clots, stronger blood thinners, such as warfarin or Pradaxa may be recommended. More than 2.5 million Americans suffer from this heart condition and, in 2009, the Senate first approved a resolution which designated September as Atrial Fibrillation Awareness Month to highlight the need for awareness and support for the abnormal heart rhythm.

For patients with atrial fibrillation, Pradaxa was heralded as the first in a new class of easier-to-handle blood thinners. Unlike warfarin, Pradaxa didn’t require patients to follow certain dietary restrictions or receive regular blood testing, according to USA Today.

"I’ve spoken to a number of patients who switched from warfarin to Pradaxa, however, and within months, weeks and even days of the switch, they suffered from severe bleeds,” said Michael Goetz, the head of Morgan and Morgan's mass tort section.

The Pradaxa lawyers at Morgan and Morgan are looking to hear from anyone who suffered from a severe bleeding event while taking Pradaxa, as well as loved ones acting on their behalf. Patients who took the drug and suffered from gastrointestinal bleeding, cerebral hemorrhaging or other types of internal bleeding may have legal recourse to collect compensation for medical bills and other losses. For more information and a free case review, please contact Morgan and Morgan online through their Pradaxa website:

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