Anti Aging Cream Manufacturer Likewise Skincare Responds to an Article Concerning the Harmful Effects of Skin Lightening Products

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Following an article published for reporting the dangers of skin lightening, a representative from Likewise Skin offers a response.

On September 19th, Likewise Skincare, manufacturer of anti aging cream, comments on an article published for regarding the popularity and dangers of skin-lightening products.

According to the article, although skin whitening products are extremely popular in Asia, skin-lightening products that contain the chemical hydroquinone are being banned in various countries across the globe. The article reports that skin lightening products contain either hydroquinone or mercury, and both chemicals are harmful to skin. explains that hydroquinone is extremely potent and toxic and that mercury is a known carcinogen, appearing on a list of toxic substances. Although skin whitening products primarily lighten the skin tone, the article reports, “Hydroquinone or Mercury applied to the skin in the longer term actually react with ultra violet rays and re-oxidise, leading to more pigmentation and premature ageing.” In addition, “By altering the skins natural structure and inhibiting the production of Melanin, the skin’s natural protection, the skin is more susceptible to skin cancer. Prolonged use of Hydroquinone thickens collagen fibres damaging the connective tissues. The result is rough blotchy skin leaving it with a spotty appearance.”

Even more harrowing, the article reports that long term use of skin whitening products may cause internal damage and could possible lead to mercury poisoning and kidney or liver failure. Lisa Shariat, a representative for the anti-aging skincare brand Likewise Skincare, explains, “Most people turn to skin lightening products in an effort to remove or lighten hyper pigmentation, freckles, or acne scars on their face. With the apparent dangers of using a skin-whitening product, people should understand that there are preventative procedures that can help keep skin healthy and unblemished. Typically, blotchy skin is brought on by overexposure to UV rays. To keep skin healthy and glowing, I recommend using a moisturizer packed with at least SPF 50.”

The article professes that the chemical hydroquinone need not be completely avoided. According to the article, “you should understand that this compound has deleterious effects that should never be used ‘lightly’.” In addition, “Always use the same under prescription from a good dermatologist or plastic surgeon, if at all.”

Likewise Skincare was founded by board certified dermatologist and President of Likewise, Inc., Dr. Julie Pena. Likewise daily moisturizers are all-in-one but not one-fits-all. Each moisturizer is formulated with skin-balancing toners to work with your specific skin type. The moisturizers use a combination of anti-aging antioxidants, ultra-protective zinc oxide, and water-resistant ingredients to keep you protected.

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