Brand New Mega Metaphysical / Paranormal Auction Website ',' Comes to the Rescue, and Saves the Former eBay Metaphysical Market from Despair

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The Sept 10th 2012, eBay ban directed at the Metaphysical Community has begun. The former eBay Metaphysical Community has been left in the dark to fend for themselves. Well no longer, a ray of light is being shown by a group of former eBay buyers, whom have banded together, to help out the industry they know, and love. They have come together, and created the new auction website, known as

The former eBay Metaphysical / Paranormal community has been devastated, by eBay's groundbreaking, historic Sept 10th, 2012 decision to ban it's Metaphysical sellers, from continuing to sell any longer under its eBay roof.

The Metaphysical community has been a part of eBay since eBay began its online presence back in 1995. Metaphysical items and services, have included everything from Psychic Readings, Spirited Inhabited Vessels, Haunted Dolls, Reiki, Shaman services, to Meditation techniques, herbs, incense, and candles, to name a few of the many services, and items, that fall under the Metaphysical Category umbrella. For years Metaphysical sellers have helped eBay to grow, and have grown their customer base online as well. EBay has been their home, for doing business worldwide. Now all of that is over.

Having nowhere to go, and few options, former eBay sellers have done what they could to stay afloat with their businesses. Some sellers have created their own websites. Other sellers have merged, with each other to see what new ideas they can come up with, trying to continue to market their products, and services to the public. The most tragic situation this event has caused is, causing some former sellers to decide to outright retire. It has been a truly sad and abrupt, disbanding of a wonderful community that most of the mainstream public is unaware of.

This historic event, called for action, and the ones who have taken up the challenge of keeping their community together, is none other than the former eBay buyers themselves! In an unsuspecting turn of events former eBay buyers have decided to come together, and create a new eBay similar super website home for their former sellers to continue to conduct their businesses as before on eBay.

One former eBay buyer member stated that, “It is important for us to keep the same look and similar feel, to eBay that we are all used to." "Having to go to so many new different websites, and re-learn how to do business at each particular website, tends to be too much of a re-learning curve for the public, and people don't want to take the time to figure it all out." "Let me be clear in stating that in no way, shape or form, am I putting down these other websites, as that is all former sellers have had available to offer their customers up to this point and we know how hard the sellers have worked on their websites." "We are very respectful of their hard work and efforts, the sellers have accomplished in trying to keep their customers happy and together." came about because our community is spread out too thinly. Sellers are all over the place and it's been hard for sellers, and buyers, to keep up with where everyone has gone after leaving eBay. "We needed to create a home base for all sellers, and buyers, a new home where all Metaphysical buyers and sellers are welcomed. We as well want to state that we are not affiliated with any sellers, groups, religions, covens, etc. We are a "Neutral Party" of buyers so everyone will feel welcomed. "We are all used to eBay and it's format, so that is what we aim to provide to sellers, and buyers a like." "So there will not be much of a re-learning curve at all." "We believe we have accomplished that goal, with"

This is truly exciting news for the Metaphysical Community, who has been anxiously waiting to have a stable new home after being displaced by eBay, where everyone can gather together to conduct business as usual under one roof. will provide an exciting new surge of energy to the Metaphysical Community. Magickals is "strictly" a Metaphysical / Paranormal super auction website, which will take the Metaphysical Community to the next level of doing business. It promises to offer all the same features sellers, and buyers, are used to from eBay and more! has been busy laying the groundwork foundation to keep the Metaphysical Community together, and will be opening in the fall of 2012!

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