Attorney Chip Venie Wins Two More Jury Trials: One Aggravated Battery With A Deadly Weapon Case (Clovis) and One Aggravated DWI Case (Albuquerque - Metro)

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Albuquerque Criminal Defense Attorney Chip Venie Wins Two More Trials

Chip Venie Wins Two More Jury Trials: Undefeated in 2012 and 16-1 in New Mexico!

ALBUQUERQUE- David Chipman “Chip” Venie, one of the best criminal defense attorneys in New Mexico, won two more major cases at trial recently: one aggravated DWI and one aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. Criminal defense attorney Chip Venie was able to improve his overall trial record to an astounding 49-6 (16-1 in New Mexico).

State v. Holt, D-905-CR-2011- 00640, was an aggravated battery with a deadly weapon case in Clovis, New Mexico at the District Court at 701 N. Main Street, before Judge Ted Hartley. The defendant, R. Holt, was accused of bashing a man’s head in with a shotgun. In State v. Holt, Chip Venie was able to show that all three witnesses in the case, Alvin Stacy, Tim Stacy, and Lee Lupo (owner of Sparkle Cleaners in Clovis, New Mexico), were not telling the entire truth. Criminal defense attorney Chip Venie showed Mr. Holt was the actual victim and acted only in self defense.
The case went to jury on August 9, 2012. The jury came back with a not guilty in less than half an hour. Chip Venie was able to obtain a complete exoneration (not guilty) for Mr. Holt. The trial judge was Teddy Hartley and the prosecutor was Wil Greig and Matt Chandler.
In a second case, just this past week, criminal defense attorney Chip Venie got a double “not guilty” in an aggravated DWI and failure to maintain a lane case in Metropolitan Court in Albuquerque. Once again, Chip Venie was able to show the jury that the police officer, Officer Dominic Martinez of the Albuquerque Police Department was lying and was motivated by money and the DWI quota in Albuquerque, rather than by any sense of justice or pursuit of justice. Chip Venie showed that Officer Martinez made over $107,000 in 2011, with $57,000 coming in DWI overtime. Chip Venie also exposed the DWI “Quota” system maintained by the Albuquerque Police Department. The jury came back in just over an hour and even voted not guilty on failure to maintain a lane.

The case name was State v. Lakey, DW 3050-11 and the trial judge was Judith Nakamura of the Metropolitan Court at 400 Lomas Blvd NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Chip Venie has never lost a DWI case at trial and is 49-6 overall at jury trial.
Chip Venie has spent his 13 year entire legal career defending the accused. He has won criminal defense cases in courts around the country.
Chip Venie, Freedom Law Center, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, DWI, Albuquerque, 833 Lomas Blvd. NW.

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