Teaching Selling Skills Should Not Be Based on the Steps to Selling

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The Authentic Training company have developed a selling program that breaks away from the prescriptive, process driven approach to selling that dominates the retail training industry.

Authentic Selling Retail Sales Training Program

Authentic Selling Retail Sales Training Program

Selling cannot be confined to a series of steps that lead the customer to the register. Top sellers operate at a higher level of emotional intelligence than this.

Disillusioned with the messages from traditional sales courses, the Authentic Training company was born. Authentic Training develops retail training and leadership packages for business owners, retail managers and trainers that they can download and deliver themselves at a fraction of the cost of sending team members to external courses, or calling on consultants. They take a modern, fresh approach to sales training so that even team members who have been on numerous selling courses leave with new insights, skills and techniques. “Each course is dynamic and different so facilitators can rest assured they’ll have a group of active participants, not prisoners”, says company founder Melissa Davies.

Their first package, Authentic Selling, was developed by profiling and modeling the skills and techniques of multi-millionaire salespeople. In doing so, they uncovered a new sales approach that breaks away from the traditional steps to selling. Of this approach to selling, Melissa says – “Selling cannot be confined to a series of steps that lead the customer to the register. Top sellers operate at a higher level of emotional intelligence than this. Their approach is fluid, not prescriptive. Their focus is on making a connection, not following a process and in doing so they’re authentic, and authentic selling is successful selling”.

These days customers are more astute - they know all about the school of hard sell, add-ons, overcoming objections and closing the sale. They can see through the contrived greeting and instinctively know whether or not a salesperson is genuine. Chances are, given retail is one of the biggest industries in the world, they’ve worked in retail themselves and been on a similar course. For selling courses today to be effective, they need to be based on modern day principles that are innovative and authentic - not steps that are antiquated and prescriptive.

The Authentic Selling program starts by stripping away urban sales myths - false beliefs about selling based on steps or rules sales people have been taught in the past. “Such rules are based on selling in the perfect world, not the real world. They don’t allow for the complex interpersonal dynamics and challenges sales people face on a daily basis,” says Melissa. Then the program introduces real, refreshing principles sales people can relate to, while introducing skills and techniques that are both groundbreaking and proven.

Authentic Training specializes in developing innovative retail and sales training packages that small business owners, managers and trainers can deliver themselves. Their vision is to provide a suite of tools that empower retail teams to achieve unprecedented levels of success and professionalism.

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For more information about this program, and to request a free sample, readers can go to http://www.retailandsalestraining.com.

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