Jared DiCarmine The Owner Of Ideal Fitness Trends Has Just Put Up A Video Detailing For People On How To Get Rid Of Their Love Handle Problem

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Ideal Fitness Trends' owner Jared DiCarmine has released a video detailing ways for people looking to burn belly fat and flatten their stomach.

The owner of Ideal Fitness Trends, Jared DiCarmine has just released a brand new video only for people who are looking for numerous ways on how to get rid of love handles. The belly fat around one's mid-section is commonly referred to as "love handles" and is an intense problem area for most people looking to shrink their waist, lose inches, and fit into their old clothes.

The reason why DiCarmine decided to release this video and a series of others is because he was fed up with the weight loss industry and the constant lies that celebrity trainers, diet gurus, and health magazines were spewing across the internet. Therefore, he went and created these thought provoking and informational videos on numerous lies, myths and false-hoods that people believe when it comes to losing weight, but specifically losing weight around one's waistline. Also in some of these videos, DiCarmine details specific techniques an individual can employ if he or she is serious about losing the weight around their mid-section.

One of these fat loss techniques according to DiCarmine on how to lose love handles is by laying off the traditional cardio exercises such as the treadmill, elliptical or spin bike. The reason for this as DiCarmine describes is “because people become hooked to these machines. This form of training can be beneficial, however, when one performs this mode of exercise 4-5 days a week without changing up the variables, the body will adapt and therefore burn less and less calories each time out.” Because of this, weight loss stalls, the scale stops moving down and the individual will then become frustrated at the lack of their results.

Now the best exercises for love handles that one can perform according to DiCarmine is interval training, specifically interval training with resistance training and cardio conditioning drills. Research has shown that this form of exercise has been able to burn the most amount of calories in the shortest amount of time plus increase one’s excess post oxygen consumption levels, which has been tied positively with one’s fat-burning metabolism. So if EPOC is raised, then metabolism is raised and one can burn more calories for a longer period of time, especially while at rest and recovering throughout the day.

Another very large fat loss lie that a lot of individuals believe if they are trying to burn belly fat is the idea that they have to drop their calories in order to lose weight. Sadly, this is not the case. The problem with this, as seen in the videos is that when someone lowers their caloric intake, their body sense famine and starvation. Therefore, after about 72 hours, the individual's metabolic rate will begin to decrease, therefore weight loss will become harder as the weeks go by.

All in all, if someone reading this article would like more information in relation to losing their love handles, all they have to do is click on one of the links to watch the videos.

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