Ideal Fitness Trends Releases Brand New Video Detailing Ways For People On How To Get Rid Of Love Handles

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Jared DiCarmine, owner of Ideal Fitness Trends has released a video for people looking for different ways to lose the fat around their mid-section.

Jared DiCarmine who is the owner of Ideal Fitness Trends based out of New York has just put up a brand new video detailing 3 different common and problematic misconceptions when it comes to people looking for ways on how to get rid of love handles.

Love handles are typically referred to the fat around one’s midsection, specifically on the sides and lower back where the oblique muscles are located. This is a problem area for most people and very hard for someone to get rid of even with constant dieting, exercise and supplementation.

However, DiCarmine decided to create this video for people who were struggling because he sees a lot of the same mistakes that thousands and millions are making across the world when trying to deal with this issue.

In the video, one of the biggest mistakes DiCarmine highlights in terms of exercises for love handles is how the majority of the population looking to lose weight will hop on the treadmill, elliptical or the bike in the hopes of burning calories and toning up their stomach. Plus, he adds “too many of these people are doing hundreds to thousands of crunches and sit-ups every week thinking they can magically spot reduce this area so the fat will disappear.” Sadly, this couldn’t be further from the real truth.

Steady-state cardio, according to the video which is the typical slow type of exercise that one does on the treadmill is great for health, but not the best when it comes to body-recomposition. The reason for this is because this mode of exercise is easy for one’s body to adapt and become accustomed too, therefore each time out, the individual will burn less and less total calories over the given time period. Plus, this form of exercise does not allow the individual’s fat-burning metabolism to stay raised for hours on end.

Another issue that DiCarmine wanted to point out when it relates to how to lose love handles is the issue of fad diets. A lot of people, according to DiCarmine believe that they need to follow a certain diet and lower their calories to see results when that is just not true. All one needs to do is eat healthy and smart. They have to avoid processed and sugary foods, plus eat healthy meals with tons of veggies and beans to keep the individual full and satiated.

All in all, if one wants to learn more about how to lose their love handles, he or she can click on one of the links in the article.

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