Ideal Fitness Trends Releases Brand New Video On The Truth About Exercises For Love Handles

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Ideal Fitness Trends has released a video detailing techniques for people looking to trim their waists and burn belly fat at the same time.

Jared DiCarmine, the owner of Ideal Fitness Trends has just put up a brand new video detailing for people the truth about certain exercises for love handles. A lot of people across the world believe that they can get rid of their love handles simply by performing numerous crunches and sit-ups everyday of the week. However, according to DiCarmine “this isn’t even close to the real truth.” The real truth, according to DiCarmine is that “there is no such thing as spot reduction. One cannot magically melt away the fat from a certain part of their body by doing crunches, sit-ups or those funny looking broom twist exercises that are supposed to firm up one’s oblique muscles.

However, there are some forms of exercise that are much better than others in helping people when they’re researching different techniques on how to lose love handles. One of the best ways, according to Jared is through the use of metabolic conditioning workouts. These types of workouts as described in the video has been shown to increase one’s metabolic rate much more as opposed to traditional steady-state cardio, which can be seen by most people at the gym working out.

The problem with traditional cardio programs as it relates to losing love handles is because they do not burn enough calories and they do not force one’s body to change and adapt. In fact, steady-state cardio, according to DiCarmine “is very easy for the body to adapt too, therefore over time if he or she does the same form of exercise without switching things up, they will burn less and less calories each time out.”

Another issue with regards to how to get rid of love handles is the use of fad diets and extreme low calories diets when trying to drop those last few remaining pounds. According to DiCarmine,“ low calories diets, although great in the beginning to stripping off belly fat, will stop working after awhile because the body senses starvation. Therefore, it decreases it’s metabolism making weight loss almost impossible and unbearable for the individual. This just puts the person in a tail-spin having them cut their calories even more and adding in more cardiovascular workouts on the treadmill or elliptical. Again this will just make weight loss harder and harder and have them feeling horrible in the end.”

All in all, if one wants to learn more about how to get rid of their love handles, then he or she can click the links in this article.

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