Jared DiCarmine, Owner of Ideal Fitness Trends has Just Released a Brand New Video Talking About the Aspect of Certain Exercises for Love Handles

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Ideal Fitness Trends' owner Jared DiCarmine has released a brand new video going over numerous tricks and techniques that an individual can utilize if he or she is trying to lose belly fat and trim their waistline.

Jared DiCarmine, owner of Ideal Fitness Trends based out of New York has just put up a brand new video for people who are researching the topic on certain exercises for love handles that will help them magically shrink away this problem area for good.

Unfortunately, according to DiCarmine this is a lot easier said than done. He states “There are numerous different variations out there of exercises and workouts that one can do in order to finally get the body that he or she wants. But when it relates to the subject of how to lose love handles, there is no one size fits all solution to this problem and the reason is because everyone is different. Everybody is different when it comes the best type of workout to do on a daily basis. And the big reason for this is not so much genetics, but what one has done in the past. Because they are such a tough body part to get rid of, the individual will need to employ a number of different exercises to lose love handles, but ones' that specifically GO AGAINST what that person has been doing in the past.

For example, according to the video, a lot of people are under the impression that one of the best techniques when it relates to how to get rid of love handles is through the use of specific abdominal toning exercises such as the crunch or the sit-up. The sad part is that this way of thinking is false and just doesn’t work. It’s impossible to spot-reduce a body-part and magically make the fat go away from a specific region through the use of exercise.

Another issue that DiCarmine brings up is cardio. A lot of people believe they need to perform cardio to burn belly fat, but again this is not true. Burning fat is nothing more than calories in versus calories out, which can be manipulated with diet. In fact, DiCarmine states “the best type of workout one can do in order to burn the most amount of calories acutely and for the long haul is metabolic resistance training which is the combination of working out with weights and cardio conditioning drills. The one-two punch of these modes of exercise acts like a blowtorch to one’s stubborn love handles.”

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