Dynamix7.com Comments on Impact of “Big Data” on Online Shopping Developments

As the amount of information available on the Internet rapidly increases, many online marketers have been able to generate more personalized shopping experiences. Dynamix7.com responds to the newly coined term “Big Data” and how it’s positively impacted retail sales.

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Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) September 18, 2012

A recent article in Time’s “Future of Retail” series reveals that the information collected from online users has become increasingly relevant to the way online retail and marketing is conducted. Time calls these developments the “era of Big Data” in which the collective pool of information shapes the way consumers are driven to make specific purchases, tailored to their personal interests. While many consumers may be shocked at how in-tune online retailers are with one’s online behaviors, Dynamix7.com notes that it is an important step in not only simplifying the online shopping experience, but also helping companies reach wider consumer audiences.

While all industries partake in some form of online data collection, the article explains that the retail industry is different, because it interacts with online users. It explains, “Online retailers can give you a virtual identification number and track you as you go from site to site and purchase targeted ads for products they already know you’re strongly interested in.” Dynamix7.com explains that this type of informative marketing can improve sales dramatically, especially for those companies that choose to sell products online.

The article explains that “in the era of Big Data, it’s those physical stores that seemed destined to be left out in the cold. But the vast majority of purchases—somewhere around 90 percent—still occur in a traditional retail setting. And brick and mortar retailers are looking towards big data to help them stay relevant.” One new program from Retail Next is helping some of these traditional stores observe consumer behavior through surveillance and provide a way for retail employees to market to the in-store customer.

While the Retail Next program may be innovative, Dynamix7.com concludes that it may be taking a step in the wrong direction. In a recent press statement, Dynamix7.com responds, “The idea of using Big Data to improve face-to-face sales seems to be a step backward in marketing. While forming a strong brick and mortar store is important for many small businesses, it is important to recognize that shoppers typically come to a store with a specific purchase in mind. Online users, on the other hand, are more likely to make spontaneous purchase decisions, which Big Data applications help online retailers facilitate. Instead of investing in in-store marketing, it may prove more cost-effective to expand one’s retail sales to the Internet and pursue these new methods of targeting consumers.”


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