MALEKKO Adds “FINDIT” Metal and Panel Parts Filtered Search Tool to Xzibitware, Another Time-Saver for Exhibit Design and Detail Department Managers

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AutoCAD’s “FIND and REPLACE” utility, while helpful in locating specific Text or Block attribute strings within a drawing, is not particularly helpful to exhibit Designers and Detailers who need to quickly find and display only specific parts or groups of parts used within new drawings or, more frequently, find and display only those that were used in previously-created exhibit drawings. Xzibitware’s new “FINDIT” Filtered Search Tool makes up for this shortcoming.

The straightforward layout of this control panel makes "FINDIT" easy to understand and use

MALEKKO Software Systems announced today that they have recently added another time-saving tool to their Xzibitware product. The new tool is called “FINDIT.” Launched from a workstation keyboard as a built-in AutoCAD command, “FINDIT” has been optimized to help users quickly locate Metal and Panel parts in an exhibit drawing by part size or sizes, part number, block name, color, profile name, material, layer name, and any combination of these parameters. “FINDIT” is very fast and easy to use.

“An Xzibitware user reminded us a few weeks ago that a lot of new exhibit drawings are created by cutting and pasting portions of older drawings into new ones and combining the old portions with new elements, including graphics, to arrive at a new exhibit design,” said Richard Maddox, president of MALEKKO Software Systems. “What slows down the process is the time spent going back through old drawings to locate specific parts or groups of parts that could be used in the new drawing.

“Looking for panels of a particular size or size range, for example, just by examining drawings containing several different panel sizes could consume a lot of time. That’s why we developed ‘FINDIT.’ A user can know within one or two seconds whether or not the part or parts they are looking for are available in a drawing. The user has the option of searching the entire drawing or just a selected portion. Any part in the user’s selection group that doesn’t fit their search criteria is automatically made invisible (REGEN will restore the view) so anything in their selection group remaining on the screen at the end of a search is their search target or targets. A message window also informs the user if no parts meet their search criteria.

"We will expand this Tool in the future so that the user can let ‘FINDIT’ search an entire folder of drawings and report, on the screen, which drawings contain the parts they are targeting," said Maddox. "That’s a definite To-Do!”

About MALEKKO Software Systems:
Since 1995, MALEKKO Software Systems has been working with exhibit designers and detailers to identify their needs when creating exhibit and structural detail drawings and exhibit materials lists. Their guidance has resulted in the Xzibitware software product created specifically for those working to design and/or detail Exhibits using AutoCAD. Current product users range from small design studios and independent designers/detailers to major exhibit design companies. Xzibitware works inside both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of AutoCAD 2010, 2011, 2012, and AutoCAD’s newest version, AutoCAD 2013.

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