New Social Commerce Site Treasure Chest Classifieds is Set to Launch in the Near Future

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Treasure Chest Classifieds, a social commerce site, aims to be the first site to fully combine ecommerce and social media. A market that has been labeled the next big thing, but internet giants have been unable to tap into its full potential. Treasure Chest Classifieds is trying to be the next trend setting, niche revolutionizing site to explode onto the internet. Treasure Chest Classified's goal is to become part of e-consumers everyday lives and firmly plant itself into their lexicons as well.

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What's in your treasure chest?

Social Commerce (s-commerce) has finally found a home and it goes by the name of Treasure Chest Classifieds. Internet pundits and key influencers such as Mark Zuckerberg around the globe are claiming that Social Commerce is the next big thing. The only problem is no one has stepped up to the plate and put it all together yet.

Internet giants from Facebook, Twitter and even E-bay have been searching for a way to merge commerce and social networking and so far they've fallen short. Treasure Chest Classifieds is the world’s first truly merging of commerce and social networking and they aim to be the next trend setting, niche revolutionizing site to explode onto the internet and into internet users everyday lives firmly planting them into their lexicons. Never has a site attempted to flip internet commerce on its head and give the whole industry a wake-up call. There's an evolution coming. It has almost arrived, and it's very social. “Commerce” is about to finally become “Social Commerce.”

In today’s economy everyone is looking for ways to make ends meet and to make some extra cash. With no shortage of unique ways to get an ad seen, Treasure Chest Classifieds aims to do it safely and without the spam you may find on those other sites. How do they do that? Well, we can’t quite tell you that just yet, but trust them when they say “We think we figured out a pretty cool way to get your items sold to the people who aren’t going to take advantage of you and are most likely going to buy your items or use your service.”

Essentially everyone using Treasure Chest Classifieds is a business owner to some extent. They own their own business and make money by selling or renting their new and used unwanted goods. These new business owners are now given the opportunity to showcase their items or services on our site, by selling, renting items that normally sit idle, offer services or seek them, offer jobs or fill them, save money with coupons all while sharing this with their network of friends via their favorite social network via a very special functionality proprietary to only our site. This opens up their items or services to their friends, families and associates as well as a socially connected online global market of over 1 billion+ people. Treasure Chest Classifieds feels as though they are creating an opportunity for everyone to be an entrepreneur and truly believe they are the first to create an “Online Social Enterprise Facilitation For Everyone”, by way of S-Commerce. Facebook, Twitter and all the rest have yet to figure it out. 2012 is the year of Social Commerce (s-commerce) and its being ushered in by an unexpected new and exciting medium social classifieds.

Buying and selling and renting is free, but as a “business owner” users of Treasure Chest Classifieds, can use an inexpensive and completely optional paid functionality for your items to stand out from the crowd. Gone are the days of looking at newspaper classified ads and online sites like Craigslist that look like bulletin boards from the early 1990's. Treasure Chest Classifieds aims to bring back the visual and socially interactive “wow” factor we all once shared when we first discovered a site like, Ebay, or Facebook.

Treasure Chest Classifieds isn't only for end users. With plenty of inexpensive options for local businesses and service providers to get the word out about what they have to offer, Treasure Chest Classifieds aims to keep money in the pockets of the businesses looking to keep it there. They aim to be the local business man’s best friends and key resource for marketing their business.

Be the first to find out how Treasure Chest Classifieds is going to be the next website that not only redefines a whole niche/category but redefines the social lexicon of the internet and what social commerce really means. S-Commerce has finally arrived people are going to be talking soon and they are going to be talking about the internet's first truly S-Commerce Site, Treasure Chest Classifieds.

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