Tarps Plus Loads Up on Ice Rinks Liner Tarps for a Big Winter

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Tarps Plus has loaded up on a large supply of the ice rink liner tarps to contend with the higher demand.

Last year, in order to prevent losses, Tarps Plus liquidated off its surplus of Ice rinks liner tarps due to a warm winter. It does not mean that the company did not go at a loss by doing this. By liquidating, it chose a line that would ensure the company would make minimal losses. The decision to liquidate was a tactical one, similar to what most businesses would do.
If a baker bakes a certain number of loaves of bread in a day, it could make the tactical choice to give a certain percentage of loaves away to a school on charity. This would be in a circumstance where the company has projected and seen that it has baked more loaves than the can sell, and the ones left will go bad.

By making decisions like these, organizations ensure that they will make losses, but not as much as they would if they went ahead and kept their products on the shelves. In the example of the baker, it will ensure the loaves delivered to their customers the first day can meet the demand.

This year is a bit different. The winter of 2012 and 2013 is suppose to be very cold, so Tarps Plus has loaded up on a large supply of the ice rink liner tarps to contend with the higher demand.

Tarps Plus GM Angelina Urquardt said, “We are the company that everyone depends on for all kinds of tarps, so it is our duty to make sure we keep up with that standard.”

Tarp Plus followed a similar philosophy. If they had left any liner tarp in store, they would have hit significant loses. Its the nature of business to make sure all bases are covered.
This is a company that is led by a very capable and productive individual in Michael Stein. They have achieved a lot under him, so it is safe to conclude that the decision to liquidate every tarp was reached after careful consideration and calculation. That is what good leadership does for an organization.

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