York Prep Responds to Standardized Test Controversy

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A recent CBS editorial questions the efficacy of standardized testing—and it has won the attention of many educators, including those at York Prep.

Ever since the No Child Left Behind Act was passed in 2001, standardized testing has been a crucial consideration among educators. According to a recent CBS editorial, however, the amount of attention paid to standardized testing does not always yield real results. The article notes that many states pour a great deal of money into improving their standardized test results, only to see little, if any, payoff. The CBS editorial ultimately claims that the reason for the disconnect is that there is no real correlation between standardized test scores and the skills needed for success in the “real world”—a conclusion that has won the attention of many educators, including those who work at New York-based York Prep.

The CBS report claims that all people have some sort of talent, but the key to real-world career success is identifying and nurturing that talent. By contrast, the editorial says, standardized tests tend to fill children’s heads with facts and figures, but they do little to help kids find and cultivate the talents that could ultimately make them successful in their future jobs.

CBS says that placing too much focus on standardized testing has major ramifications not just for kids, but also for employers. Many employers find themselves having to teach their new hires such “remedial” skills as teamwork, time management, and self-discipline—skills and values that are not necessarily fostered by standardized tests.

The ongoing controversy over the true efficacy of standardized testing has warranted the attention of York Prep. York Prep is located in New York and currently has 350 students enrolled. The school is known for its academic rigor; York Prep had responded to the CBS editorial with a statement to the press, in which it offers a measured assessment of standardized testing’s place in the classroom.

“The truth is that the wage premium on a college education has created this credential-based approach to education,” says York Prep in its statement to the press. “What this means is that we are teaching to tests rather than teaching skills that will create educated and valuable citizens.”

The statement from York Prep acknowledges that standardized testing has some value—so long as it does not become an end in and of itself. “Unquestionably, there are academic components of credentials that are important, such as being able to understand what you are reading,” says the school’s press statement. “But just focusing on testing alone limits our understanding of what education truly is. The skills we should focus on as educators include things like thinking for yourself, having self discipline, and creating optimistic young people who enjoy lifelong learning.”


York Prep is a private school in New York City's Upper West Side. Established by Ronald and Jayme Stewart, York Prep provides students in grades six through 12 with educational resources, individualized curriculum, and course offerings. Today, the school caters to the needs of 350 enrolled students. York Prep is known for its academic rigors, as well as for its services to children with special needs.

To learn more about York Prep, visit yorkprep.org.

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