Raptor ID Introduces XDF, Dual Simultaneous Iris Capture in a Point and Shoot Handheld Biometrics Device

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Dual Simultaneous Iris Capture in the palm of your hands and without the aid of any external devices is now a reality with Raptor ID's exclusive XDF technology. Point, shoot and capture in an instant anywhere from 5-12" away with clarify beyond all established standards.

“The ease of use of XDF™ for iris capture is a perfect example of how Raptor ID is focused on helping operators quickly and effectively execute their mission.” -Charles Strasburger, Chairman and CEO of Raptor ID

Raptor Identification Systems Inc., an emerging leader in mobile biometric screening and enrollment technologies, today announced the introduction of their exclusive XDF™ iris capture technology. XDF™ allows for simultaneous dual iris capture anywhere from 5 to 12 inches away, turning iris capture from an intrusive, cumbersome process to a simple point-and-shoot operation.

Current iris capture technology is primarily based on fixed focus lenses. This means that in order to meet the ISO image clarity standard, the iris image must be captured from within a very small depth-of-field window of about an inch or so. Iris capture in a handheld platform therefore traditionally depends on unwieldy and intrusive ring-and-poll guides, or requires subjects to put their forehead to the device, or needs the operator to move the device slowly through an unspecified range until proper focus is achieved. XDF™ expands that depth of field window to over 7 inches - iris capture is now as simple as taking a picture.

“Our ability to leverage a broad range of expertise in mobile platforms, communications, biometrics, optics, and camera design was instrumental in the development of XDF™,” said Jeff Schott, President and CFO. “The cross-pollination of great ideas from different industries, the world class talent of our technology teams, and our rapid lifecycle development approach were instrumental in this groundbreaking development.”

XDF™ iris capture technology is also highly adaptable to other applications requiring high contrast, high clarity monochromatic image capture, such as capturing barcodes or latent prints. It is offered exclusively on Raptor ID’s Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) products, the RaptorOne™ and RaptorPad™, for a fraction of the price of the market currently pays for far less capable biometrics platforms with dual iris capture.

“In our experience, if you don’t make the job easy for the operator, it either doesn’t get done well, or it doesn’t get done at all,” said Charles Strasburger, Chairman and CEO. “The ease of use of XDF™ for iris capture is a perfect example of how Raptor ID is focused on helping operators quickly and effectively execute their mission.”

About Raptor Identification Systems, Inc.

Raptor ID was formed in 2009, dedicated to producing universally compatible handheld biometric tools with integrated communications, ruggedized for any mission, anywhere. We’ve partnered with top cellular communications and biometric industry leaders to develop Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) products that are state of the art, yet also the most cost effective solutions available. We utilize a constantly evolving roadmap that keeps our products in sync with the best that the biometric and communications industries have to offer.

Our products all use an open platform so you can develop or run any software in Android™, on most any network, without being handcuffed to proprietary technologies. As a COTS provider of equipment, we offer the same per unit pricing to everyone. With Raptor-ID, it’s not just a new and evolving line of products, it’s an entirely new way of doing business.

For more information, please visit http://www.raptor-id.com

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