Sportalists Club Creates Excitement Amongst Investors

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Sportalists Club an alternative investment to traditional methods such as Stock Market and Property

Sportalists Club creates excitement amongst investors looking for alternative to stock market.

Investors are excited with the highly anticipated announcement that the world’s most exclusive and private sports trading group, Sportalists Limited, is to create a club allowing members of the public to share in their extraordinary success.

They are regarded as sports specialists whose investment universe centers on sports and events. In this dynamic sector they provide unparalleled intelligence and expertise.

The Sportalists Club has long been talked about as a group of the most astute sports traders in the world, who zealously protected their privacy.

Sports trading is largely viewed now as an alternative investment to traditional methods such as the stock market and property.

With both of these suffering severe volatility over the last number of years, people have started to look on sports trading as a viable investment avenue or to simply supplement their own primary income.
“There has been an explosion in sports trading in the last number of years,” Sportalists Club Communications Director, Malcolm Winston said.
"This is not online gambling but similar to how a traditional hedge fund operates on the stock market."

Mr Winston said the advantages trading through the Sportalists Club are significant and attractive to many.

“Money earned from trading is essentially tax free,” he said. “People also like being in the position of having experts make astute decisions for them, with no stockbroker to deal with or hedge fund manager to control your financial destiny without complete transparency .”
Investors also say that it is also a lot more fun.

“If you are a big football fan, the idea of making money from the sport you love is remarkably appealing,” said Robert Faulkner, a sports analyst based in Hong Kong.
“There is also the instantaneous nature of profit creation,” he said.
“If you invest in shares, commodities or property, a majority of the time you will have to wait a prolonged period before seeing profit, if any at all. In sports trading, your opportunities to profit are many on a daily basis.”

Information Is Power

Supporters of sports trading stress that information is the most vital ingredient to any speculator.
“If a person is investing in shares in a company, the right updated information about that company is essential in making a decision to invest or not,” said Clair Bush, president of the Informed Investors Association.
“You may only learn about a company's performance on a quarterly basis when it releases its financial results and there is often a lack of real transparency with public limited companies,” she said.
“If we compare it to sports, for example a football team, its performance is constantly monitored on a game by game basis in the media.”
“Reports of matches, league tables, injuries/suspensions, statistics are widely available and of course you can go and observe a team at close quarters at a match yourself. That level of scrutiny does not apply to public companies who can often use some ‘creative accounting’ to hide details from the public eye,” Ms Bush said.
Sports trading is also said to be recession proof and is not subject to the prevailing economic conditions of the day. Sports Analysts claim it is a significant advantage over more mainstream investments.

Sportalists’ Senior Analyst and Chief Investment Officer became a major player in Las Vegas, where for 15 years he worked alongside the legendary Billy Walters.

Fiercely intelligent, with two University degrees and extensive knowledge and unrivalled contacts, he was named as being one of the 20 most influential betters in the United States.

He brings to Sportalists his network of contacts throughout the sporting world. He is regarded as an innovator in the industry and his reputation as being a master sports analyst is unquestioned. In 25 years of trading on sports he has never had a losing year.

Sportalists have assembled an elite team of Analysts with professional qualifications in quantitative disciplines such as science, accounting and mathematics who undertake extensive statistical and trending analysis coupled with rigorous background research and market intelligence.

The results of this research underpin all investment recommendations and decisions undertaken by the Sportalists Club.

“By taking the emotion out of the decision making process and putting quantitative analysis in its place, this ensures the process is very clinical, with the ability to measure where we have an edge,” Mr. Buckley said.

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