Luggage Superstore gives information on the cost of replacing lost travel documents

Customers quite often may not be aware of the cost involved in replacing lost travel documents and even other important documents and the inconvenience it causes can be intense.

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What is the cost of replacing lost travel documents?

keep them safe and keep the pennies in your pocket.

Kent (PRWEB UK) 22 September 2012

Luggage Superstore has given some information below which may bring some awareness of the cost of replacing certain documents. There is a great importance to store important travelling documents somewhere safe during travel which is usually on your person, like in a secure pocket or bag you keep on you at all times. Finding a safe place at home while also somewhere to remember to take them with you can be a bit tricky too but when we need to dig into our pockets to replace the paper work, it’s like throwing money away.

  •     Cost of replacing a lost Passport: - An adult passport costs £72.50 for standard service and £103.00 for the one-week Fast Track service. A child passport costs £46.00 for standard service and £87.00 for the one-week Fast Track service.The Premium one-day service is not available for replacement passports.
  •     Cost of replacing a loss boarding pass: - some airlines may charge you up to £60.00 with others there may be no charge at all. So know in advance with your airline.
  •     Cost of replacing a lost airline ticket: - some airlines may require purchase of a new ticket again which would be the applicable fare at the time- who would want to do that, really? It is important to know the ticket number when it is purchased as this can help with the process.

So here’s looking forward to never losing those travel documents ever again-keep them safe and keep the pennies in your pocket.

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