Raises $137,000 Dollars in Investment Capital Funding

Share Article, America’s first full-scale online boutique Outsourcing company receives $137,000 in venture capital funding after the initial angel investment made in the first quarter of 2012.

This large investment is the first of a series of investments planned for the 4th quarter of 2012 and 1st quarter of 2013. The extra funds will allow Hultar to continue their swift expansion, by taking on additional Business Owners as clients.

Hultar opened their doors in March of 2012 by introducing a New Concept that merges 2 fast growth Industries. Outsourcing and serving Tier 1 clients only.

Hultar has built a reputation for maintaining strict and inflexible criteria that must be met by all new clients. In short, Hultar has chosen to only serve those who have a proven, established, successful Online company.

John Hultar, (the Founder of, says that he could not be happier with the timing and level of investment -- not only because of what it means for his company, but also for what it means for his Team of Virtual Assistants. "There are many strategies to rapidly grow an Outsourcing company, and I have closely analyzed them all. We offer strong training, excellent opportunity for career growth, friendships and comradery. However, I believe our biggest advantage is this - we only take on wealthy clients who require Outsourced services. This 1 single decision, provides us with the needed capital to attract and ultimately pay far higher wages to our Team Members than they can receive working for our competitors."

When interviewed, John explains the biggest growing problem witnessed in the Outsourcing Industry. "I continually receive feedback from hard working virtual assistants claiming that they are now working more hours for less pay than anytime in the last 5 years." Virtual Assistants that freelance on the large popular outsourcing sites simply can no longer provide top level service to their clients.    

The primary reason for this global reduction in outsourced workers income is because of the increased competition they face, as well as the fear of regularly being outbid for small jobs by others willing to grossly undercut their price quotes. Additionally, VAs are finding most mini-jobs or tasks that they do win bids for, are not resulting in ongoing long term work for them.

Hultar's business modal solves this problem. John says "Consider and draw a comparison of the fact that the car mechanic who works for Ferrari is paid several times more money than the mechanic who does the exact same job, but works for Toyota." Both great companies, but one of them pays it's staff much more.

Hultar currently has Outsourced Team Members employed from across the globe including the Philippines, India, and Romania. With their most recent investment, they are aggressively looking to expand.


Hultar Incorporated is an innovative, boutique outsourcing corporation. With a "First-to-market" concept of "Hand Selecting" each and every client, they have pioneered a new Outsourcing strategy that their competitors have overlooked. In short, they pay their Outsourced Team Members Top Wages, by insuring that they only accept High Net Worth Business Owners as clients. This concept is what allows Hultar to maintain its growth and profitability, as well as their title as the #1 Boutique Outsourcing Company in the world.

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