Jason Simpson of AZ Assesses Yoga as an Anti-Bullying Tool

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As Americans remain concerned about the rise of bullying among today’s youth, many in the yoga community are suggesting that the practice could curb violent behaviors in children. Yoga instructor Jason Simpson of AZ encourages yoga for children, as it offers many benefits.

Although the practice of yoga has been regarded as a tool for relaxation and non-violence for centuries, those core principles are now being studied in an effort to help curb rates of bullying in America’s schools. A recent article from The Huffington Post interviews Dee Marie, founder of Calming Kids (CK): Creating a Non-Violent World, who claims that implementing yoga in schools has helped reduce rates of bullying. In her efforts, Marie hopes to make yoga education mainstream in every U.S. school by 2020. While the idea of having yoga as a class in school may seem unconventional, yoga instructor Jason Simpson of Arizona is not that surprised with the results.

Jason Simpson, Arizona-based yoga instructor, comments, “Children are high-energy and often over-stimulated by the modern world. While I don’t think kids should stop behaving like kids, it is important to teach them to learn about their own minds, as well as non-violence. In my experience, feelings of anger usually stem from anxiety or stress, which can easily be combatted through regular practice of yoga.” In the article, Marie notes a study she conducted to help back up her claims. She states that throughout her research, after children partook in yoga they were less likely to bully others. In addition, teachers also commented that the student’s behavior had improved.

While the article helps highlight the yoga principle of “ahimsa,” or non-violence to self and others, Jason Simpson of Arizona believes that other benefits of yoga could help contribute to a decline in bullying. He explains, “Yes, yoga does help those who practice it avoid negativity in their lives, which could be anything from a bully to work stress. Yoga also helps individuals have more control over their emotions, which can help stave off anger from bullies themselves. However, I think it is also important to see the long-term benefits of yoga in the effort to help reduce bullying in America.”
Jason Simpson of Arizona explains that with regular practice, yoga can help individuals become more physically fit, and in turn more confident. With the current epidemic of childhood obesity in America, Simpson adds that practicing yoga will not only help children lose excess weight, but become more confident, and in turn, less prone to bullying from their peers.


Jason Simpson of AZ is a yoga instructor who owns his own studio. Simpson began practicing yoga by accident, taking a class to fulfill a college credit requirement. He instantly became hooked on the practice, and eventually quit his desk job to become a yoga instructor. He is a beloved and popular teacher at his studio. Students look forward to his challenging classes, and the bits of philosophy and inspirational wisdom he offers at the end of each session.

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