New Book Asks the Question about North American Continental Terrorism that no one has Considered, or Have They?

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Are the Dogs of War already in the house? This is the central question posed in “Infiltration,” a novel by Lee Dodson. Are the dogs of war already here?

Are the Dogs of War Already in the House?

Are the Dogs of War already in the house?

This is the central question posed in “Infiltration,” a novel by Lee Dodson. Are the dogs of war already here?

Set in rural Arizona, close enough to spit at the Mexican border, the fictional account of one man’s discovery of a globally based operation to bring a disaster of national proportions pits him against serious odds and repercussions he could never have expected.

Nothing is said about the central character’s background or training, nor is much revealed about his only two allies, a survivalist wanna-be neighbor or an elderly, live-in aunt in middle stages of Alzheimer’s, but that’s all there is in the deeps of the Arizona desert where the designed isolation is complete for two days.

It is survival or non-survival, invent it on the run, or lose what little the infiltrators left, even the ability to breathe a few minutes longer.

Is the event in the book possible? The writer thinks so.

Does anybody care? The writer hopes so.

“When I started thinking about this book, I was already interested in ‘probability scenaria,’ but the scale of what I’d researched, while interesting and logical, lacked, well, scale. If for nothing more than to keep my interest, the investment of a minimum number of bad guys for a huge terrorist payoff had to be incidental to the book. Their risk was enormous, and the odds had to be in their favor,” Dodson explained.

“But the book talks about the resilience of a few determined people who, when faced with no other choice, fight past their limits…even when the consequences are total elimination.”

Dodson told us he likes to write action and is unconcerned with politically correct ideas. “Let’s get to it,” he says. “Real people aren’t like that. My characters say exactly what they think. Even the old lady. And why not? It’s a story. If the reader doesn’t like it, he or she can toss it.”

The writer likes, no, loves the West and its people. His other published work, This Never Happened, is based again in Arizona, but it’s of an indefinable genre. “I can’t call it a western, but it lives in the 60s west. I can’t call it a murder mystery, but there is a murder. I can’t call it a metaphysical mystery, but there’re a lot of spiritual things that happen. If my readers read it, they only ask if there’s a sequel in store.”

What does Dodson want people to take away from Infiltration?

“Look, let’s just say that the oceans protected us for a long time. The Twin Towers taught us that this is no longer the case, and we’d better be on our toes. The government can only do so much. We better be ready on a personal level. As uncomfortable as it is to hear, things are different now. My book doesn’t lecture, it’s an adventure, but it’s still supposed to make the reader sweat, maybe say ‘Damn, this could happen.’ If it hasn’t already in some shape or form.”

“The real deal is that both my books are for fun, so I’ve generated an autumn equinox sale price that will go till Halloween.” Details and links below. Coupons expire 10/31/12.

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