MLMipedia Pro Provides People Opportunities During High Unemployment Times

Kadence Creations LLC launched their iPhone app, MLMipedia Pro, to assist people in finding a network marketing company that best suits their needs. With unemployment still posing a problem in the United States, people are looking for new opportunities to earn income. MLMipedia Pro allows people to compare top network marketing companies to determine which one is a good fit for them.

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MLMipedia Pro v1.1 screen shot

An MLM...will provide a self-employment opportunity to start or continue making money regardless of what the economy does.

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) September 25, 2012

During an election year, people are more interested in learning about the status of job creation and unemployment rates. Regardless of who wins the election, thousands of people will still be without jobs, struggling to find income opportunities. Network marketing companies are viable options for someone looking to either earn extra income or begin a new self-employed career.

An MLM, or network marketing company, will provide a self-employment opportunity to start or continue making money regardless of what the economy does. MLMipedia Pro will assist in the process of choosing an MLM best suited for an individual by comparing and contrasting top MLMs. This iPhone app provides a user-friendly tool to help group, sort, order and filter the available companies on the app. MLMipedia Pro helps people narrow down companies by industry, products, cost to join, how long they have been in business, etc.

Whether or not unemployment continues to loom, an MLM will help you bring in money. MLM’s are no longer only about makeup, soap, and storage containers. They provide products and services that people will buy and need even during recessions. Rather than paying more money at the corporate conglomerates, your friends, family and acquaintances will benefit from you providing those products or services for them. Regardless of job loss or need for additional income, MLMipedia Pro will help you find your perfect network marketing company.