Grand Master Shawn Liu will Participate with his Shaolin Institute in Duluth Fall Festival

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World Renowned Shaolin Cultural Arts Teacher and Coach Shawn Liu, Father of American Sanda, and the Head Master of the Shaolin Institute, will bring his Kung Fu Sanda Fighting Team and Shaolin Legacy Kung Fu Performance Team to the Duluth Fall Festival.

“World Renowned Teacher & Coach Shawn Liu” (Inside Kung-Fu Magazine April, 2004), the Grand Master of the Shaolin Institute, named, “Father of American Sanda” by CCTV International Networks (2000, 2002, 2006, 2008) will demonstrate the talents of his Kung Fu Sanda Fighting Team and Shaolin Legacy Kung Fu Performance Team to 80,000 visitors of the Duluth Festival on September 29 and 30th. They will perform several shortened, mini-series of “Shaolin Legacy” Kung Fu shows at the Duluth Fall Festival Parade.

The Head Master of Shaolin Institute, Grand Master Shawn Liu (aka: Grand Master Shi DeRu) will sign autographs and personally write the names of individuals in Chinese for thousands of eager festival visitors.

Since 1989, Shaolin Legacy team under Shawn Liu has performed hundreds of different cultural shows and Shaolin Kung Fu exhibitions nationwide, promoting the ancient Shaolin culture and arts. The “Shaolin Legacy” show is about the ancient Chinese Shaolin, the eastern arts, and the philosophy of living portrayed in the beloved movie, “Kung Fu Panda”. Like Shaolin performances, it is a poignant representation of Eastern/Asian influence on the Western world. “Shaolin Legacy”, Kung Fu shows, and Shaolin oriental arts demonstrations, are world famous cultural events and seminars performed before millions of people in audiences worldwide.

The show, as performed on a world stage, captured not only the cultural understanding between the east and west, but the indomitable, unique Shaolin spirit, giving insight into ancient ways of training, daily living, and the mental and physical discipline required to attain ultimate levels of mind/body control. It highlighted “life-lessons” about ethics, integrity, character, self-discipline, self-control, compassion, and respect for the world and the universe.

Those complete shows, as well as various shortened, mini-series, traveled to Washington D.C. (2010), and Nashville TN (2011). Both of the shows were covered by an international martial arts magazine as the, “Absolute Pinnacle of Excellence” in martial arts.

The Shaolin Institute will also offer many drawings open to adults, and spinning wheel activities to children. The Institute will be presenting many winners with free training courses and classes for private individuals, schools, business groups, and organizations in personal safety, self-protection, and bully diffusion as well as effective techniques for managing & reducing job stress and its ill effects.

The Duluth Fall Festival weekend ( will include a parade, 5k Road Race, plenty of food, entertainment and arts and crafts. The Duluth Fall Festival dates back to 1983, but its roots actually go much deeper. In 1962 Duluth held its very first festival in the streets of Downtown Duluth.

About the Teacher
Shawn Liu has been in the southeast area of the US since 1986. He is best known for his lineage as a direct disciple of the Shaolin Temple Spiritual Great Grand Master Monk Shi Suxi and is the only martial arts Master in the Southeastern part of the United States who has the full knowledge and experience that would lead students in a path to learn the esthetic ways of the traditional Shaolin Culture and Arts.

Over the course of 20 years teaching here in the United States, Grandmaster Shawn Liu, along with his Shaolin Institute, is continuously recognized by members of the Martial Arts World as the leading authority of Sanda/Sanshou Kickboxing.

As July, 1997: Kung Fu Magazine front page article “Sanshou Sport in the Spotlight” named Shawn Liu “godfather to the sport (Sanshou/Sanda) in the US”. UFC fighter and Strike-Force MMA world champion Cung Le described his coach and teacher in that article’s fighting interview: “much of his Sanshou training was done with (Coach Shawn) Liu, coach of the US Sanshou Team for the world event”

“Further,” stated Le, without hesitation, “Shawn has been like a father to me, and I owe a lot to him. He had me out there doing four thousand kicks a day; he is a hard trainer, but that ‘s what it takes.”

Grandmaster Liu has served as US National Head Coach for the World Wushu Sanda/Sanshou Championships for 10 years after being voted by more than 80% of the fighters, Kung Fu instructors, fighting coaches and all the board members of United States Wushu-Kungu in 1995. Since his arrival in the US he has been training hundreds of US National and International Champions to include 5 World Champions. This festival provides martial arts enthusiasts a great opportunity to meet Master Liu who is willing and able to provide high intensity, multi-sport training to qualified athletes.

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