Chargeback Claims releases advice to the 90% of people “too confused” to claim against mis-sold PPI

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It has been estimated by some experts that as many as 90% of the people who have been mis-sold PPI do not make a claim to recoup their money simply because they are too confused as to how to start a claim.

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Main Banks Mis-selling PPi

The banks and financial institutions are getting away with blatant mis-selling simply by capitalising on people’s lack of knowledge.

The reasons cited for people not starting a claim ranged from simply not knowing where to start in order to get the ball rolling on a claim, through to people not understanding whether there was any financial risk to themselves with some people even worried that it could affect the credit record.

Chargeback Claims have been trying to work to improve this lack of knowledge by offering a fully comprehensive service that takes control of the entire claim.

“The banks and financial institutions are getting away with blatant mis-selling simply by capitalising on people’s lack of knowledge.” Explained a spokesman for Chargeback Claims. “We think this is despicable and therefore offer a thorough and simple service that takes all the hard work out of the clients hands so that they do not need to worry or be intimidated by any of the process whatsoever.”

The spokesman for Chargeback Claims went on to explain that the clients have no need to worry about the financial aspect either as they offer a full no win, no fee service. This means that the company will handle all of the claim process but will not charge a penny in the event of an unsuccessful claim. Even if the claim is successful they will charge just 15% + VAT of the money that is won, therefore allowing clients a risk free service.

Unbelievably, another reason cited for some people not making a claim is that they simply didn’t know whether they had actually been mis-sold PPI in the first place. Some people had their suspicions but did not know how to ascertain whether they were victim or not, with some people concerned or embarrassed about contacting anyone in the event that they were not mis-sold. In reply to this a spokesman for Chargeback Claims said, “We have experts that are more than happy to look at each individual claim. If you have ever had PPI then there is a chance it was mis-sold to you. Rather than risk suffering in silence, simply give us a call on our freephone number and we will look into your claim. If we find that you weren’t mis-sold PPI then you will have lost nothing, but if we do then we can take on your claim risk free and start seeking compensation on your behalf that you are rightly entitled to.”

The company offers free advice on whether clients have a claim or not and can weigh up a claim on their freephone number, 0800 043 1914. Alternatively they have an online service that can provide live support or help arrange a call back at

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