Seattle Chiropractor and Massage Clinic Provides Comprehensive Care Options for Treating Summer Water Sport Injuries

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Belltown Spine and Wellness treats water sports enthusiasts for back pain, neck pain, spinal and musculoskeletal injuries with customized programs that include the latest technologies in chiropractic care, massage therapy and acupuncture.

Being dragged behind a boat or hurtling down a churning river are two exciting and popular ways to enjoy the Pacific Northwest's warm summer months. Water skiing, wake boarding, white-water rafting and kayaking take full advantage of water's forgiving physical properties to help accomplish incredible feats.

Unfortunately, injuries still occur quite frequently in most water sports, usually from the rapid deceleration of falls and jolts. A Seattle chiropractor and back pain specialist, Belltown Spine and Wellness, understands the full range of musculoskeletal injuries that can result from engaging in these kinds of water sports. With a proper diagnosis, treatment programs utilizing the latest technologies in chiropracty, massage therapy and acupuncture, can be designed to help the body to heal itself.

Impact injuries can have consequences beyond broken and dislocated bones. They can also result in long term misalignment of vertebrae in the neck and back. This misalignment can be the result of an awkward impact directly to the spine, or as a mechanism of favoring a damaged limb. The Belltown Spine and Wellness clinic offers several options for treatment based on the Clinical Biomechanics of Posture (CBP), a system that helps patients achieve normal spinal alignment through exercise, adjustments and the latest technologies.

Featured treatment procedures include:

Disc Decompression
Vertebral disc compression is a common problem for water skiers and wake boarders alike. The intense impacts absorbed by the body are extreme even without falling. The stress of repeated vertical impacts can decrease the space between vertebrae, causing pain and stiffness. Intermittent traction, or disc decompression, utilizes computerized weighting to create an appropriate intermittent or sustained pull that relieves pain and counteracts the effects of spinal compression.

Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation
Sudden impacts and falls from water skiing wipeouts can lead to all sorts of injuries that weaken spinal strength and alignment. Light therapy uses a cold laser along the patient’s spine to stimulate weakened nerves, assisting the body’s natural corrective mechanisms.

Back and neck injuries sustained from white water jolts to wake boarding tumbles can be accompanied by intense, even debilitating pain. Acupuncture is a safe, natural and effective procedure for controlling chronic pain that uses disposable, stainless steel needles to stimulate the body’s 14 major energy-carrying channels (meridians).

Massage Therapy
Massage therapy is an effective "hands on" approach for treating strains and pulls that occur during intensely athletic water sports. Talented massage therapists can help reduce soreness and stiffness, which can lead to postural and alignment issues.

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