Thetica Systems Provides Infrastructure to Rapidly Build Bond Analytics and Data Analysis Systems for ABS/CLO/RMBS/CMBS

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Proven components make it simple to develop a new Bond Analytics and Data Analysis System, rapidly and without the usual IT headaches. Structured finance clients can have their system up and running within days.

High performance ABS analytics tools
...Our clients can jumpstart to a scalable and robust solution much faster than trying to build one from scratch.

In the world of structured finance, integrating bond analytics models with all the necessary data sources and cashflow APIs can be a frustrating and difficult experience. Much time is lost trying to find resources to build a system that meets business requirements, or develop an internal solution to price bond portfolios rapidly.

As a longtime, experienced data integrator, Thetica Systems has designed a fully functional set of infrastructure components that prevent this frustration and waste. Within a few weeks, and at far less than the cost of reinventing the wheel via internal development, clients can have a full-fledged system running high speed analytics on custom cashflow scenarios that they designate.

Company co-founder and CEO Ariel Yankilevich said, "Our clients can focus on their business logic without having to worry about how external data and API changes might affect the way their bond analytics perform. We have seen clients that were trying to find good cashflow API developers, a rare and expensive talent. With Thetica Systems, our clients can jumpstart to a scalable and robust solution much faster than trying to build one from scratch. And we take care of implementing and maintaining all the data connections so that they don’t need to scramble for resources every time something changes."

This platform allows an investor or broker-dealer to very quickly understand and analyze all of the collateral supporting a structured finance securitization.

  • Components read data from various sources into a database, along with tools to run sophisticated cashflow calculations.
  • The high-speed cashflow analytics engine runs multiple bonds and serves multiple user requests simultaneously without performance degradation.
  • It permits automation for calculations on the entire universe of bonds or any required subset via batch scripts, and supports user-defined scenarios for CLOs, RMBS, CMBS, ABS, and Reremics including running vectors at child levels.
  • Results are accessible through a simple-to-use XML interface.
  • The infrastructure can run at client servers or on the cloud.

Existing clients and users have testified that these tools are highly flexible, allowing them to integrate vectors from internal models to run automatically and without any coding, and permitting use of scenarios in any bucketing scheme that can be created. Libraries are fully multithreaded for very rapid results in ad hoc or recurring calculation jobs.

Thetica Systems integrates client-licensed data from Intex, IDC, BlackBox, CoreLogic (Loan Performance and their predictive vectors), Bloomberg (via the Backoffice data feed), Five Bridges (predictive vectors), Lewtan/ABS.Net, MarkIt and Reuters (both pricing data for CLO NAV), Opera Solutions, Equifax (enhanced loan level data), Standard & Poor’s, TransUnion, AdCo and Trepp.

Those interested in a live demonstration may contact the company by phone at 727-724-4182 or email Sales(at)Thetica(dot)com. A recent Business Day video on the company is also available for viewing.

Thetica – from the Greek letter “Theta” which means Thought, Life Force and Reason and the word “Etica” which means Ethics. Thought, reason and ethics are essential elements of any successful business and commitment to this concept is embedded in the company’s name.

About Thetica Systems:
As Wall Street securitization pioneers, Thetica Systems understands the needs of ABS market participants. Its clients include investment banks, hedge funds, insurance companies, capital management, brokers, dealers, and others that invest in or monitor structured finance securities, with users from traders and trading desks, project managers, research and product controllers to risk managers, regulatory reporting and IT.

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