DEVO’s Monster Man 3D Music Video to Premiere at MIPCOM in Cannes

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New Wave legend DEVO and 3D producer Passmorelab will premiere the MONSTER MAN 3D sci-fi music video at MIPCOM 2012 in Cannes, France.

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DEVO, one of music’s most innovative and successful bands, has joined forces with 3D production studio Passmorelab for the band’s latest music video, Monster Man 3D. The video was directed by Roy Knyrim (special FX artist on such critically acclaimed films as Gods and Monsters, Ed Wood and The Abyss) and is a 3D tribute to the Japanese monster films of the 1970s. Monster Man 3D will premiere during MIPCOM 2012 at Cannes, France on October 8-11, 2012.

From the band’s start in Akron, Ohio in 1972, DEVO set out to challenge and provoke society with their philosophical principle of “de-evolution” - the idea that instead of continuing to evolve, mankind has actually begun to regress. The band's simple, basic electronic pop sound proved highly influential and the band broke through to the mainstream in 1980 with the hit song "Whip It" (the video of which became an MTV smash).

DEVO wrote and recorded Monster Man in 2012 (available on iTunes) to be the theme song for a show by the same name on the SyFy network. The reality show, about one of Hollywood's most respected monster prop building studios, follows the daily exploits of Roy Knyrim and Cleve Hall (“The Monster Man”) as they make special effects at Knyrim’s Los Angeles-based SOTA F/X workshop.

"DEVO has always been fans of the retro 3D films from the 1950s like It Came from Outer Space and Creature from the Black Lagoon. We knew from the start that this project would lend itself nicely for 3D," said DEVO founder Gerald Casale.    

San Diego’s Passmorelab provided the 3D production for the music video. “I’ve always admired DEVO for the fact they seemed to always be ahead of their time and remained true to their vision by refusing to conform to the mainstream,” said Greg Passmore, CEO and founder of Passmorelab. “The video’s ‘sci-fi fantasy film’ concept translated perfectly for 3D. It was a fun project for our team.”

Much like the early Godzilla franchise, Monster Man 3D uses "suit-mation" technology (a man-in-a-suit, stomping around a detailed miniature cityscape). The video features DEVO as cyborgs performing on an urban rooftop. As bassist Gerald Casale sings, “say goodbye to everything you knew,” a rampaging Godzilla-esque beast begins to wreak havoc on the city forcing DEVO frontman Mark Mothersbaugh to summon a super humanoid from space (think Ultraman) to prevent total annihilation. While the superhero uses his powers to ultimately defeat the mutant dinosaur, DEVO becomes collateral damage ... inadvertently set ablaze by the giant reptile’s fiery breath. The making of the video was featured on the final episode of Season One of SyFy’s Monster Man (which will re-air in its entirety on October 2).

“I’ve been a lifelong DEVO fan since I first saw them perform on Saturday Night Live in 1978. I’ve always wanted to do a project with the band and the SyFy TV show presented a perfect opportunity. The special effects in the video were influenced by the 70s-era kaiju films ... when Godzilla had evolved into a more likeable antihero. DEVO provided the perfect score,” said Roy Knyrim, president of SOTA F/X studio. On adding 3D to the video, Knyrim adds, “Gerry and I saw the sci-fi 3D music video Passmore did for I Fight Dragons and we were aware they did the 3D for Plan 9 From Outer Space. After meeting with them, we knew they would be the right studio for Monster Man 3D.”

With 3D TVs becoming ubiquitous for shoppers, more and more 24/7 3D channels are launching worldwide such as Comcast’s Xfinity 3D and the new CCTV 3D in China. Additionally, the ease of using streaming platforms on smart TVs (like Samsung’s Explore 3D and the forthcoming Netflix 3D) is increasing consumer consumption of 3D content. This widespread adoption of 3D is driving the production of 3D programming and is presenting new opportunities for content owners.

“For music videos and concerts, 3D is a format that presents significant opportunities for the music industry ... particluarly with the growth of ‘glasses-free’ handheld devices. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that DEVO is at the forefront of the medium,” stated James Humann, Director of Business Affairs for Passmorelab.    

Passmorelab will be premiering Monster Man 3D during MIPCOM 2012 at Cannes, France on October 8-11, 2012. The video, along with a host of other 3D music videos and content, will be available for licensing on all 3D platforms.

About Passmorelab
Passmorelab is a San Diego-based stereoscopic 3D studio that specializes in 3D production and distribution. The company's California facilities include a full 3D production studio, post production suites and software development labs. Passmorelab’s state-of-the-art 3D technology has been used on many major Hollywood films. As an independent film production company, Passmorelab produces its own native 3D films including science and nature shorts, broadcast television programming and documentary and feature films. The company also focuses on 3D production for music videos and has worked with many high profile artists including Linkin Park, John Mayer, Slash, Black Keys, Osaka Popstar and Death Cab for Cutie. Passmorelab operates a separate distribution/sales office in San Diego that specializes in licensing 3D content to independent theaters, science centers, museums, planetariums, 3D television broadcasts and 3D mobile devices.    

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