Existing and Emerging Approaches for Pre-Analytical Sample Preparation in Food Microbiology

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Integrating SAMPLE PREPARATION 2012 – October 18-19, 2012 – Baltimore, MD


Dr. Byron Brehm-Stecher of Iowa State University will present on "Existing and Emerging Approaches for Pre-Analytical Sample Preparation in Food Microbiology" at the upcoming Integrating SAMPLE PREPARATION 2012 Conference set to take place on October 18-19, 2012 in Baltimore, MD. Early and reliable detection of food borne pathogens may be achieved, at least in part, through judicious application of existing or emerging sample prep approaches. Target microbes may be present in some foods in physically inaccessible microniches, where effective diffusion of detection reagents maybe limited. Other physical challenges may include sample bulk and/or low-level contamination with pathogens, high viscosity, fat or particulate content and the presence of other microorganisms, especially those that may be physiologically and genetically very similar to target cells. Physical structures such as bio films may also present challenges to detection and must be disrupted for release of individual cells or target molecules. Depending on the detection method used, foods may also present biochemical challenges. As an example, common food constituents such as divalent cations, fats, enzymes orstructural proteins and plant polyphenols are often implicated as inhibitors of the polymerase chain reaction. We will provide an overview of the challenges inherent in pre-analytical processing of foods and will review existing and novel tools that can be leveraged to help researchers navigate the path from sample-to-result. Topics to be discussed will include new developments in cell capture reagents and alternative binders, novel solvent systems or “green”chemistry-based solutions, and the use of robust reagent systems or novel physical processes for minimizing the need for extensive sample prep using traditional methods.

Integrating SAMPLE PREPARATION – Techniques & Applications Conference, a part of the Knowledge Foundation’s Sample Prep Conference Series - an internationally recognized meeting for experts in sample preparation technologies for detection, identification, diagnostics and analysis of biomedical, biological and chemical agents, substances and threats in point-of-care, laboratory and field settings will explore the latest R&D developments, ready-to-market technologies, and their applications by exploring the following topical areas:
-Increasing recognition of sample preparation as the biggest challenge and technology development area in biomed, biodefense and pharma
-Application driven sample preparation techniques development
-Critical role of sample prep in early diagnostics
-Rapid sample-to-sequence techniques
-Sample preparation as a separate system vs. an integrated module approach
-End-user prospective for biodetection and sampling technologies and devices
-Is remote detection without sample preparation a viable option?
-Major challenges of sample preparation system integration (front end) approach
-Recent advances standalone sample preparation systems technology development and application
-Point-of-care diagnostics applications for virus/pathogen/ threat sampling, detection and analysis
-Food, water, air, and environmental sampling
-Alternative and disruptive approaches to sample preparation and applications

Distinguished Speaker Faculty:
-John C. Carrano, PhD, Paratus Diagnostics, LLC
-Michael Connolly, PhD, Integrated Nano-Technologies, LLC
-Dennis W. Harris, DPhil, IntegenX, Inc.
-Claudia Gärtner, PhD, microfluidic ChipShop GmbH
-David Cohen, PhD, Advanced Liquid Logic
-Zhenyu Li, PhD, The George Washington University
-Latarsha Carithers, PhD, National Cancer Institute / National Institutes of Health
-John Jakupciak, PhD, Cipher
-Robert Classon, Shimadzu Scientific Instruments
-Yossi Manor, Central Virology Laboratory, Sheba Medical Centre, Israel
-Robert Speziale, Invetech, Inc.
-Martin Hegner, PhD, Centre for Research on Adaptive Nanostructures and Nanodevices, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
-Sergey A. Dryga, PhD, nanoMR, Inc.
-Bee-Na Lee, PhD, Beckman Coulter
-Byron Brehm-Stecher, PhD, Rapid Microbial Detection and Control Laboratory, Iowa State University
-Teshome Yehualaeshet, DVM, PhD, College of Veterinary Medicine, Tuskegee University
-Andy Page, InnovaPrep LLC
-Jeffrey A. Hickey, PhD, ZyGEM, Inc.
-Vanessa Yu, PhD, Bertin Corporation
-Bruce Irvine, Claremont BioSolutions LLC
-John Curry, Eureka Genomics

Participating Organization:
BD Diagnostics
Beckman Coulter
Bertin Corporation
BioMerieux Chemin
Claremont BioSolitons LLC
Cyclops Genome Sciences
DuPont Qualicon
El Raga Lab
Eureka Genomics
Festo Ag & Co.
GeneReach Biotechnology Corporation
Genome Web
Global Biodefense
HudsonAlpha Institute of Biotechnology
InnovaPrep LLC
Institute for Laboratory Automation
Integrated Nano-Technologies, LLC
Iowa State University
Lab Manager Magazine
Laboratory Equipment
Lucigen Corporation
Mendels Pod
Merck Millipore
microfluidic ChipShop GmbH
Ministry of Health
National Cancer Institute
Northrop Grumman
Oswaldo Cruz Foundation
Paratus Diagnostics, LLC
Public Health Agency of Canada
Sheba Medical Centre
Shimadzu Scientific Instruments
SPEX Sample Prep
Technology Networks
The George Washington University
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Tuskegee University
U.S. Army - ECBC
U.S. Department of Defense
ZyGem Inc.

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