Ground-Breaking Brain Injury Therapy Receives Federal CMS Approval

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Rhode Island Neuro-Rehab Specialist Dr. Victor Pedro’s Therapy offers hope for Traumatic Brain Injury Patients

Dr. Victor Pedro's Cortical Integrative (CIT) Therapy/Treatment may revolutionize how Brain Injury Patients receive treatment. CIT Therapy is for athletes and people who suffer traumatic brain injuries in accidents or from injuries. Pedro’s recent approval by Medicare and Medicaid coverage for his new brain therapies and treatments comes as there is increased public awareness of the effects from sports concussions on athletes and from combat injuries suffered by soldiers.

Respected neurosurgeons and Traumatic Brain Injury experts say Dr. Pedro’s Cortical Integrative Therapies are helping patients who saw little to no progress after years of treatments and rehabilitation ( ).

Dr. Pedro’s ‘CIT’ is a non-invasive diagnostic and treatment program designed to identify the laterality and longitudinal level of neurological lesion as well as the competent stimulus to be an effective treatment specific to each patient. Dr. Pedro has successfully treated hundreds of patients who came to him with disorders including chronic pain, tremors, memory difficulties, Parkinson’s disease, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and movement disorders.

For many people with brain injuries, Dr. Pedro’s ‘CIT’ and Treatments are a last resort after many older methods and treatments failed to offer any hope or improvement for the patients. He has lectured to neurosurgeons and neuroscientists around the world and he has been honored extensively in his home state of Rhode Island.

“Dr. Victor Pedro and his colleagues are rapidly advancing the treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury,” says Dr. Jeffrey Dugas, Orthopedic Surgeon, Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center ( ). “He is teaching us how to successfully diagnose and treat these injuries more specifically, based upon the anatomic location of the injury within the brain. His work will continue to advance the healing and success of these patients.”

Pedro was able to provide improvement to Sarah Jane Donohue- , a seven-year old girl who was violently shaken by her baby nurse when she was only five days old, breaking four ribs, both collarbones and causing a severe Pediatric Acquired Brain Injury.

“When I met Sarah Jane's Dad at Harvard in May 2010 she was unable to walk, had unrelenting colic, her sleep was very disturbed and was on medication for both. She suffered from seizures, involuntary movements, difficulty orienting to sight and sound and had severe language, speech and emotional developmental delays,” says Dr. Victor Pedro.

“After a few days of treatment there was marked improvement in her feeding, digestion, colic, her soft palate movement, heart rate, rhythm, pulse rate and motor tone. Within two weeks an email from the Rusk institute where she was being treated noted ‘a significant leap in speech, requesting more independently, better emotional control and nice chewing and swallowing…his techniques are working.’ Soon, she and her father began sleeping through the night.”

Dr. Pedro’s CIT has also been cited with helping a young Massachusetts woman return to school after a severe cheerleading accident. Ryan Farrell was a cheer leader who was struck on the head by a cheerleader who suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury after a fellow teammate landed on her head. After several weeks of Cortical Integrative Therapy, her gait, tremor, focus, concentration, urinary frequency and short term memory difficulties began to subside. She made great progress and has returned to her junior year and is doing very, very well,” said Dr. Pedro.

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