Save-A-Tooth® is Now Listed as the First Choice for Knocked out Teeth Storage in US Dept. of Health School Emergency Guidelines, says Phoenix-Lazerus, Inc.

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The United States Department of Health has developed a set of guidelines for the emergency treatment of school children. In the section on the treatment of knocked out teeth, the Save-A-Tooth® is listed as the #1 choice for their storage.

Save-A-Tooth Tooth Preserving System

By having a Save-A-Tooth ahead of time, billions of dollars in dental bills can be saved

These guidelines cover every injury that a school child might experience, including those to the teeth, and have been adopted by over forty State Department of Health and Human Services Division of Public Health Emergency Medical Services Program Emergency Medical Services for Children.

“The fact that all of these State Department of Health and Human Services have acknowledged that preparation for the incidence of knocked out teeth is a good first step in saving the dental health of their school children and the billions of dollars that it costs to replace improperly treated knocked out teeth,” says Dr. Paul Krasner, Diplomate of the American Board of Endodontics.

Over 90% of the five million teeth knocked out each year in the United States and Canada can be successfully reimplanted by using the Save-A-Tooth® emergency tooth preserving system within sixty minutes of the accident. Without its use, less than 10% will survive.

The Save-A-Tooth® is scientifically designed to store, transport and rejuvenate knocked out teeth for twenty-four hours until they can be reimplanted by a dentist. “I have had many patients who had sat in hospital waiting rooms for hours while waiting to have their knocked out teeth reimplanted,” says Dr. Paul Krasner, Professor of Dentistry at Temple University, School of Dentistry. “Unless the teeth were stored in a Save-A-Tooth®, the teeth will die.” People should have a Save-A-Tooth® at home in their first aid supplies or kit because they can’t count on their hospital emergency room to have one,” he recommends.

The Save-A-Tooth® is available at many websites and through many distributors including: and It is also included in the Complete First Aid kit, the only first aid kit that has it. Most leading medical institutions recommend that the Save-A-Tooth® be included in every well-stocked first aid kit.

The importance of having a Save-A-Tooth® in every first aid supply kit is that knocked out teeth must be stored within the first sixty minutes of the accident. “If the teeth are not placed in a Save-A-Tooth® within this time, says Dr. Henry Rankow, Professor of Dentistry at Temple University School of Dentistry, “the cells on the outside of the root die without the special renourishing fluid found in it,” he says.

Aside from being listed in the United States Department of Health guidelines, The Save-A-Tooth® has the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance as well as the recommendation of many other leading medical organizations.

“A child’s smile can be saved for life and over $40,000 in dental bills can be saved if parents, schools, sports teams and hospital emergency rooms will be prepared by having Save-A-Tooth’s available ahead of time, says Dr. Rankow. “It is amazing to me that such a valuable medical device ($19.95) should be so inexpensive yet save so much pain, suffering and money. They should buy one today.”

Phoenix-Lazerus, Inc. manufactures and distributes the Save-A-Tooth® system, the Complete Sports First Aid kit, The Dental Professional First Aid kit and the Complete First Aid kit. It has been in business since 2001 and is dedicated to producing products completely made in the USA with 100% USA-made parts. It is also the tooth transportation system in the Store-A-Tooth system, the leading transporter and cryogenic storage system for dental stem cells.

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