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Periodontal diseases are the most common in pet dogs and cats. To help pet owners fight these terrible diseases Blue Chip Pet Care has put together information on periodontal diseases to keep pet owners aware of causes, effects of the disease and ways pet owners can improve dental health at home.

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Clout is not what builds up on teeth

Periodontal diseases in dogs and cats is the most common disease in pet dogs and cats. The causes of this disease are the same with humans and pet dogs and cats. Blue Chip Pet Care has put together a background on periodontal diseases with causes, effects, what goes on during a dental check out and tips for prevention at home.

Periodontal is a gum disease that results from build-up of soft dental plaque on the surfaces of the teeth around the gums. The area that flossing can fight against. The bacteria in dental plaque irritate the gum tissue if plaque is allowed to accumulate, which often leads to infection in the bone surrounding the teeth. Hard dental tartar (calculus) consists of calcium salts from saliva deposited on plaque. Tartar starts to form within a few days on a tooth surface that is not kept clean, and provides a rough surface that enhances further plaque accumulation. Once it has begun to grow in thickness, tartar is difficult to remove without dental instruments.

Some effects the disease can cause are bad breath (most commonly noted by pet owners), bleeding and oral pain. A cat or dog might also lose appetite or drop food from its mouth while eating because of pain. If roots become severely affected some teeth could become loose and even fall out. If this is the case the Periodontal disease can then lead to bacteremia. This is in sever cases where the bacteria is being absorbed into the bloodstream. Studies have shown that dogs with severe periodontal disease have more severe microscopic damage in their kidneys, heart muscle and liver than do dogs with less severe periodontal disease.

There are many advanced systems that cure Periodontal disease with dental treatments that can be found in the market. Many systems are available with built in water spray systems, double filter systems, auto clavable clips, and more. Veterinarians use high speed fiber optic hand pieces with push button turbines, two hand piece water jet systems, soundless water compressors and more.

Accordingly the therapy is carried out, it is impossible to check all teeth by basic oral examination for a dog patient. Hence, general anesthesia is required before the examination of the teeth inside structures. Surgical curettage is done in case of advanced periodontal diseases using flaps and the teeth extractions are also carried out using moderate force and more care is taken to avoid the continuous bleeding. The periodontal diseases are controlled by administration of broad-spectrum antibiotics in an effective manner. Along with the dental surgeries, the oral treatment is done with many products that are helpful to prevent the attachment of the tartar or plaque on the teeth.

Home dental care is to be given more emphasis nowadays because of the fact that the dental diseases are emerging in the case of pet animals like dogs to a greater extent. Though you are giving home dental care, if you suspect on the extension of the dental diseases, then immediately approach the veterinarian for intervention. Try to provide bone materials without very sharp points to the dogs and they may love to chew them and then swallow the bitten products. Such activities help them to go for the development of strong teeth structures in a natural manner. Mind that the breeds of dogs such as the Pekingese are more prone for the development of teeth diseases because the teeth are closely crowned in the oral cavity be to the small size of the these dogs.

Recreational raw beef bones are wonderful materials to keep the teeth structures of your dog clean and free from formation of plaque with build up of bacterial organisms. Elk bones are more dense and do not splinter as easily as others. Elk bones or hooves can be found at specialty pet stores or meat markets in Elk's natural habitat. Teeth brushes are available for use with care in case of dogs and one has to be careful during the usage of these brushes in dogs. Teeth brushes are to be used with special kinds of pastes recommended by the veterinarians for home use in case of dogs. Specially prepared food materials are available in the pet shops to remove the tartar and the plaque materials from the teeth structures. Dry dog food and toys that are specially made to add strength to the teeth structures are often used at home for better teeth cleaning. The plaque materials are intermittently to be removed at home to avoid any occurrence of the periodontal diseases, which are more common among the dogs. Dental wipes are available in the pet shops and they may be used carefully in the home. This helps to remove more plaque and the tartar like materials that are loosely attached.

Periodontal diseases can be prevented if the correct preventation actions are taken. Always notify a vet or animal care expert if a telling sign is noticed. Contact Blue Chip Pet Care is there are any further questions regarding pet dental health.

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