Andy Williams Dies of Bladder Cancer; Smoking's a Risk Factor for the Illness, GreenBeanBuddy Shares

Moon River crooner Andy Williams passed away on Tuesday night due to bladder cancer. And wanting to help others prevent the illness, entertainment and sports new website shared that smoking is a risk factor for the developing the condition.

Branson, MO (PRWEB) September 27, 2012

Moon River crooner Andy Williams has passed away at age 84. A report from related that the singer died of bladder cancer Tuesday night. And wanting to help the public prevent the said illness, shared that smoking is a factor of it. Additionally, it recommended the use of electronic cigarette as an effective help to quit cigarettes.

As it was said in the report, Mr. Williams died at his home in Branson, Missouri. He is survived by his wife Debbie Haas, his three children from his first wife Claudine Longet namely Robert, Noelle and Christian, his six grandchildren and his brothers Don and Dick.

Additionally, the report related that the baritone crooner had been fighting his bladder cancer since last year. He made an announcement about it in November in his Andy Williams Moon River Theater. During that announcement, he asserted that he will be a survivor of the said disease earning him an applause from the audience.

Among his songs, Mr. Williams is most-known for his version of Moon River that he sang in the Academy Awards ceremony in 1962.

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“Yet again, another famous singer passed away. Andy Williams, the “Moon River” crooner with a smoothing baritone, died Tuesday night. He lost his battle with bladder cancer at age 84.

The singer, who continued to perform until last year, died at his home in Branson, Missouri. He announced about his illness in his Andy Williams Moon River Theater in November. The 2,000-seat theater was then filled with cheers, despite his health announcement, when he also declared he will be a survivor of the said illness.”

Entertainment and sports news website commented that with his works, Andy Williams should be regarded and respected. Nonetheless, it added that his unfortunate passing should not just get people to notice his works but also the cause of his death. By doing so, they could prevent the said illness.

And wanting to help them, the site shared that bladder cancer can also be caused by smoking. So to further help them, it advised the use of electronic cigarette. It said that the device is an effective help to give up tobacco cigarettes.

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