Millions of Homes at Risk Due to Simple Security Oversights

Easylocks recently approached KD Web to discuss their future online marketing for their current and new product ranges, however through many a discussion with the Easyloacks team, KD Web where not only overwhelmed by the vast range of high quality, affordable goods, Easylocks has to offer, but what the team had to tell us about the UK public's perception on home securities and how they are forgetting to address the most basic of home safety concerns.

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According to the team at Easylocks, the UK public has become so preoccupied with advanced security systems that millions are forgetting to address the most basic of home safety concerns.

Nationwide (PRWEB UK) 28 September 2012

Easylocks Speaks of the UK Public’s Preoccupation with High-Tech Gadgets

According to the team at Easylocks, the UK public has become so preoccupied with advanced security systems that millions are forgetting to address the most basic of home safety concerns.

Misguided Priorities:

When asked how their home could be made as safe and secure as possible, the vast majority of UK residents will immediately name burglar alarms, surveillance devices and alert systems interlinked with local emergency services. The trouble is, what all of these measures have in common is their potential for calling attention to a home that has already been broken into – not keeping untoward elements at bay in the first place.

While all of the above tools can prove hugely effective as deterrents and ultimately in identifying perpetrators, it comes down to some of the simplest considerations of all to keep homes and properties safe in the first place.

Easylocks has therefore issued the call once again for renewed vigilance in terms of internal and external door lock quality and strength.

Three-Point Minimum:

Among the guidelines issued, Easylocks is advising that each and every external door be fitted with high-strength locks with at least three locking points – ideally more. Deadlocks are also being highlighted as essential security features for external doors, as their ability to lock from both the inside and the outside can potentially bar the progress of an intruder.

In addition, the use of door chains or other devices limiting opening is gradually on the decrease, while comparatively few understand the value and importance of spy-hole installations. By combining both, chances of falling victim to an attack while on the premises can be reduced exponentially.

However, given the fact that the vast majority of break-ins continue to occur via poorly secures windows, security specialists are urging the public to take a look at their current windows locks and general preventative measures. Window locks have come a long way over recent years and when combined with modern double-glazing standards can render any room of the home practically impenetrable from the outside.

Periodic Checks:

Along with overlooking the importance of the simplest security measures, industry bodies have also called into question an epidemic sense of complacency with those with existing installations. Even the most advanced and future-ready systems of door locks or window restrictors will only ever have a limited useable life, which means that to put off or entirely overlook periodic replacements can be risky to say the least.

The point Easylocks and similar industry experts are trying to get across is the way in which all of the cutting-edge technological installations in the world are essentially redundant if the UK public grants a criminal easy access to their home. Or to put it another way, prevention is as always exponentially preferable to subsequent remedy.

About EasyLocks:

Easylocks is a leading UK security supplies retailer offering a comprehensive range of locks and home security measures for both trade and public customers. Along with remaining at the forefront of the industry in terms of new developments and next-generation products, Easylocks also advocates general public awareness of taking simple steps to ensure household and family safety. For more information:

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