Statin Drugs Are Only One Problem - Morley Evans Brings Fitness-Health-Happiness into Focus with a Clear Mission Statement

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Morley Evans told a small audience this morning that Fitness-Health-Happiness warns people to avoid Statin Drugs and helps people who have taken them to recover. F-H-H helps everyone to choose a life that is long and happy. Modern living, itself, leads to disease, unhappiness and premature death because it removes exercise, nutrition and spirituality.

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Morley Evans

Choose a life that is long and happy!

Morley Evans, who warns that Statin Drugs are the number one public health menace today, announced a mission Statement for Fitness-Health-Happiness which brings together helpful ideas from many useful sources.

"Our mission is to help people choose a life that is long and happy," Evans told a small gathering this morning in Regina.

Evans said there are many messages competing for attention today. Some are useful, he said, and some are not. Evans believes he has learned things in his own sixty-five-year journey to find good health that others will find helpful.

The Fitness-Health-Happiness website features things Evans, himself, uses and that scientific research has indicated will benefit others.

Evans said that modern living has removed things that are essential to life itself. Labour-saving devices, from electric can openers to jet planes, have eliminated exercise, Evans said. Food has become plentiful (for some) but it is increasingly deficient in essential nutrients, Evans added. Finally, Evans said, secularism has turned the world into a spiritual desert — war, mass slaughter and environmental destruction have become "a way of life."

Pharmaceutical medicine, Evans concluded, has not created all the problems, but it has no answers either. "Pharmaceutical medicine is part of the problem," Evans said, "Pharmaceutical companies exist to sell drugs and make money. They are not interested in — and they know nothing about — health. Doctors are trained by the pharmaceutical companies. Doctors are the primary salesmen of pharmaceutical drugs."

Evans thinks that the pathway to health and wellness adds those things that have been removed. He told the audience that people must exercise, improve their nutrition and feed their souls by serving others.

Evans Consulting Services established Fitness-Health-Happiness in 2012 to bring together ideas that lead to long and happy lives.

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